Air Do 737-700

Air Do

Air Do is a regional airline with a fleet of 14 aircraft, 9 737-700s and 5 767-300s. They fly throughout Japan and the Japanese islands. There are currently no Air Do aircraft in IF.

Air Do 737-700

The Air Do 737-700 is their only narrow-body aircraft currently in use within their fleet, but they used to use the -200 through -500 variants. Their aircraft features a blue and yellow stripe on the tail, with grey engines and the Air Do logo written on both the tail and bow/nose of the aircraft.

Why Should You Vote For This Livery?

This would make for a good aircraft as Air Do is cooperative with ANA (All Nippon Airways) and there are very many ANA fans who play Infinite Flight. The Japanese scenery is a beautiful sight and these scenic flights are only done by so many airlines.


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On another note that’s a fantastic livery, I actually really like it…

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