Air Crossroads of the World Fill Up @ PANC // Feb. 21, 2021

Air Crossroads of the World Fill Up @ PANC // Feb. 21, 2021

Server: Expert
Event Type: Fly-in/Flyout
Time: 1800 Zulu
Event Location: Anchorage (PANC)

Hello aviators! I recently hosted an event in Anchorage! This was such an amazing event and I cannot thank everyone enough for their participation. It wasn’t the most packed event ever, but sure was fun and enjoyable. I cannot wait for other great events like this in the future! Enjoy!

1. 45 minutes prior to descent into Anchorage.

2. Touching down, finishing my 5-hour 17-minute flight from KDEN-PANC. Also, @tjb0709 and @Chicago_Aviator parked in the background!

3. Starting the flyout portion of the event!

4. Taxiing to Runway 07L, with @IF_KGRR leading!

5. Initiating the departures :)

6. Climbing over Alaskan beauty.

7. Finally reaching cruise.

8. Saying goodbye to Alaska!

9. Touching down in Denver, finishing the 3-hour 57-minute flight from Anchorage.

10. Parking in the same spot I started about 10 hours earlier, with @Adam_Reid pushing back!.

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Hope you guys enjoyed these shots and event! Special thanks to all pilots who participated too! Thanks so much for making this event a success. Cheers!

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These pictures are beautiful, the plane looks very realistic!!

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Thank you! I agree, the devs did such a great job with this livery and aircraft!

Man, that was such a pretty flight! Nice shots of me leading ;)

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It sure was! Thanks so very much for coming :)

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They are ALL awesome photos good job 👍

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Thank you!