Air Crash Investigations Series 15

For all of you NatGeo aviation fanatics, you may of heard of Air Crash Investigations. I’d like to confirm these are the new episodes (out of 10 episodes) of series 15 if you didn’t know.

  1. United Express 5925 (Beechcraft 1900C)
  2. Asiana 214 (Boeing 777-200ER)
  3. UPS 006 (Boeing 747-400F)
  4. ElAl 1862 (Boeing 747-200F)
  5. 1961 Ndola DC-6 Crash (Douglas DC-6)
  6. Atlantic 670 (BAe 146)
  7. Garuda 200 (Boeing 737-400)
  8. Spanair 5022 (McDonnell Douglas MD82)
  9. Atlantic Southeast 2311 (Embraer 120)
  10. TAM 402 (Fokker 100)

Here is a link to preview these:


Awesome will be watching it when I am bored


Finally! Been waiting forever for this series.

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I’ll be waiting paitently for El Al, UAX, and the DC-6.

That’s the spirit! I saw ElAl 1862 on Seconds From Disaster, didn’t like it. Watched the preview of this, and it blew me away. :)

about time they came out with a new one

The previews for all of these videos are here

I love watching these, I find them so interesting…

Can we buy those episodes on iTunes ?

The El Al one already exists, the title is “Amsterdam crash”.

That’s seconds from disaster. This is Air Crash Investigations my friend :)

For your knowledge, here is a preview.

ElAl Cargo flight 1862

(Not my Video)

I kinda want to see this

Here is a preview.

Asiana Flight 214

(Not my video)

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I feel so sorry for the girl who got ran over by a fire truck and died

RIP angel, you cannot get hurt now. ❤️

I watched this episode this morning

It was probably seconds from disaster. Not Air Crash Investigations.

@The_Atwood_Family this is the Preview of the Amsterdam air crash. It hasn’t came out yet, also it’s not my video.