Air Crash Investigations Season 16

Air Crash Investigations has been renewed to a Series 16! There has already been confirmation on a couple of episodes that will be showcased in this series.

  1. “Fatal Silence” - 1999 South Dakota Learjet Crash (Learjet 35) - Airing in 2016
    [Click Here For Information] (1999 South Dakota Learjet crash - Wikipedia)
    [Click here for full episode]
    (- YouTube)

  2. “Inside 9/11” - United 175 (B767-200) United 93 (B757-200) American 11 (B767-200) American 77 (B757-200) - Airing in 2016
    [Click Here For Information] (September 11 attacks - Wikipedia)
    [Click here for full episode]

  3. “Disaster at Tenerife” - KLM 4805 and Pan-Am 1736 (B747-200, B747-100) - Airing in 2016
    Click Here for Information
    [Click here for full episode]

  4. “Deadly Detail” - China Airlines 120 (B737-800) - Airing in 2016
    [Click Here For Information]
    (China Airlines Flight 120 - Wikipedia)
    [Click here for full episode]

  5. “Deadly Detour” - Proteus Airlines 706 (B1900D) - Airing in 2016

  6. “Dangerous Approach” - Trans Colorado 2286 - (Metroliner III) - Airing in 2016
    [Click Here For Information] (Trans-Colorado Airlines - Wikipedia)

  7. [Unknown] - Garuda Indonesia 421 (B737-400) - Airing in 2016
    [Click Here For Information] (Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 - Wikipedia)

  8. [Unknown] - Airing in 2017

  9. [Unknown] - Airing in 2017

  10. [Unknown] - Airing in 2017

  11. [Unknown] - Airing in 2017

I got this from @ACI’s Twitter account, [Click This Link to view the Account] (

Episodes are also listed from IMBD

If you haven’t seen Series 15, the link is below.

####I have made this a wiki. If you regulars find something in the links above, that isn’t on the list please put it down with the episode and follow the correct format. Thanks!

###BREAKING NEWS: Air Crash Investigations will be released in May of 2016. From my sources, located here


YES! Thanks so much @Captain_DJ !!


Thank you so much, DJ! :)


Thanks i shall watch that soon

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BREAKING NEWS: Air Crash Investigations Season 16 may be released in June!

I think this is not correct.
According to wiki its airs in 2017.
Also as a Canadian we are the first to watch this show air on TV as this is a Canadian made show, and in previous years they have all aired from January to March each year.

Hmm…I don’t think the Air China accident is one to put on there. Not because I know, but it seems like something that’s not really an official, “air disaster”, and lacks the same things as the others.

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Correction : It’s China Airlines (It’s a ROC’s Carrier). Not to be confused with Air China (PRC’s Flag Carrier)

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BREAKING NEWS: The Tenerife disaster will be featured on Series 16.

MORE BREAKING NEWS: These episodes will be released in May! Australia will be the first to view them!

Can’t wait for this to start, with these big announcements means more are to come. Stay tuned! 😍

@Boeing707 look at this so far…


But that was already showed in a special…

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But that’s on old one, this is a new modern version.

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Looking forward to episodes 1, 4, 6

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Don’t get too cocky, there might be more in future that you will like.

Since Mayday is copying Seconds From Disaster (Aviation Wise), I’m hoping I see TWA 800 or the Comet Crashes.

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I’d like to see them try some more obscure airlines/aircraft. The Crossair one and the USAir 737 ones were very good.

Best was Bristow Helicopters, they should try more helicopter accidents

Yeah, I can’t blame you on that.

They were talking about in Season 13 of adding Air New Zealand 901, I hope they’ve considered that and would like to see it this season.

There was actually two, Crossair 3597 and Crossair 498.

They were the avro and the saab?

Yes, that’s correct.

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