Air Crash Investigation

Hello everybody!! So I’ve decided that I’m pasting a video from the web too because I’ve seen other people doing that too. So it’s about Air crash investigation that I see sometimes when I have time. It’s a 747-400 that exploded in Mid-air. See the video and tells you all about it:)

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I have seen this before, it’s an episode of Seconds for Disaster though. Yes, it’s a horrible crash, hope the aviation industry learned the lesson from this.


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Ohhh yeah sorry 747-100 I was used to that so it might be confusing to me:/

Are we gonna have someone post every episode of Mayday and Air Crash Investigation as well? You all realize that’s what’s going to happen. Waste of time and space


Well not all air crash investigations lol. I’m gonna post other videos too

Oh great! Even more videos to clutter the home screen!


I read somewhere that witnesses saw a fire thing flying up to the sky then BOom, that may be another crash tho

Show a episode of Air Crash Investigation to a friend who hates flying make sure their going on a flight the next day lol I have done that. xD

Gonna sHow it to my cousin whose driving, or just car crashes. Then he’ll want to take a boat

@JakobaviationJr 船可能比车跟危险。飞机最安全。

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