Air Crash Investigation (In IF)

I was flying a rout a few days ago with a C17, where I took off in the morning before school from KLAX (going to London), stabilized the altitude at FL32 and was proceeding as usual when I left the house, and seemed fine all day becuais when I got out of school I checked an Android equivalence of live flight before I started walking home, I was about to pass Iceland, and was continuing as normal, when I got home I found my IPad telling me the flight had crashed, seems as though it fell from the sky, since I got two violations on the way down, I had MAX fuel (a little excessive but I stick with the side of caution so I should have been able to make it with extra fuel, and when I left the ETA to destination card at the bottom was not in its red color saying FUEL, so not sure what happened, middle of the ocean crashed between 3 and 3:30 eastern time on Friday if that helps anyone, not the end of the world, but just wondering if anyone knew why this happened so I could avoid any mistakes in the future. (Not sure if this belongs in general or not, move it if you know where)


This could most likely be a bug or something like that.

Also, liveflight May have not if picked up that your plane was falling from the sky right away.

In the end, you can’t really do anything, just make sure to restart your device and the app every time before you fly to prevent bugs in the future :)

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I wouldn’t recommend leaving your device unaccompanied in future because you have more control when it comes to them situations when you can just pick it up if something happens my opinion


Ya but I should rather have a crash or two on my record than sit around for 9hrs twiddling my thumbs flying LA to London


Well you know for the future 👍🏻

The same thing happed to me when i was 210 miles from hong kong flying from SFO and before i went to sleep i had seen no warning about my fuel

Oh so is this the new series?

Every day, i oversleep my destination, run out of fuel, i wonder why i always crash… Maybe its a known issue?


Hm… I’ve never had these things happen to me.

I mean one time I woke up and I had Facebook open and not my flight

One time i was departing burrow alaska(did you know this is the northernmost town in America), heading for bermuda, forgot to turn on NAV, and did not ralize until I got out of school, and I had been circling around the north pole (circling becuais the magnet heading changes dependent on your orentation to the north pole) since 3rd period, ran out of fuel trying to land in norther canada, and had to ditch on an iceberg, Thanks for the nice satlite images they give you many good places to ditch


We hear the same story over and over. Never leave your device unattended until AFTER you hit cruise. Who knows, you could have been too heavy and going to 32k with that VS could have stalled you or you end up speeding at that alt and get system reported.

If you want to find out what happened, subscribe to live flight horizon and download the KML and take a look. It wont explain what happened but you can see the flight profile.


A: it was at cruse
B:thanks for the sigestion I may get horizon soon

So… how does this story match the title?

What do you mean by that?

You’re telling a story about how you crashed in a c17, but you titled it “Air Crash Investigation (in IF).”

On a related note, I just finished recording a re-enactment of China Airlines flight 605

I was asking if anyone knew why it crashed, and wanted a good sounding title

It’s because your too heavy it’s not a bug

Alright, thanks for the info and sorry for the misunderstanding. 😅

Np I’m happy to help

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Mabey someone came in your room and grab your tablet and accidentally disengage the Auto pilot. Or if your speed was above mach 0.86 with the jet stream pushing your plane above 700 knots this can make the plane nose going up and down up and down and it can disengage the Auto pilot which resulted into a crash.