Air Crash Investigation for IF?

I was flying overnight amd everything went fine untill about 2 hours after I woke up, I went to get some breakfast and when I returned; the screen had ‘crashed’ on it. I watched the replay the aircraft’s autopilot had disenged and the aircraft began decending, and at 27,000ft the replay stopped. I wondered if anyone could shed some light on the issue?

Dont mind the overspeed at takeoff


Can you share the replay with us?


@BennyBoy its on the main post now :)

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This happened to me before on an A359 Emirates flight from Dubai - YMML yes it’s not realistic

Did you get any violations?

Yes twice check the replay

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I assume that’s why it stopped… he exceeded mach 0.9

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Well, here’s what I think happened: Around 8:07 is when the plane started it’s decent, and the system says you were going above Mach 0.90 and told you to reduce speed to avoid violations. You got two warnings and two violations for over speeding. I believe the autopilot disengaged shortly after because you were over speeding, causing you to crash somewhere in the world.


I’ve watched it as well and I agree with @CaptainBarney as to what happened.


Maybe someone else touched it while you weren’t looking.

@Pete_Donnelly that’s what I thought, but everyone denied it

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@FlyCymru101, were there any third party applications running in the background, perhaps IF-A?

We had a similar situation yesterday, saying “my plane” disengages the autopilot.

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Only IF OPS @Thunderbolt

Where is the replay???

The code is on the post

Where do you type that in?

Hmmm, well, not much I can do to help. I’d just be more careful, and if it happens again, let us know.

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