Air Côte d'Ivoire To Acquire Airbus A330neo Aircraft

The flag carrier of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) has signed a firm order for two of the the new generation aircraft from Airbus.

Credit: Airbus Newsroom.

While not being the most well known airline, Air Côte d’Ivoire is by no means insignificant. They are no stranger to Airbus aircraft, having just over half an Airbus fleet, but they are expanding.

The airline, and Airbus, have announced the firm order of two wide-body aircraft of the A330neo type. This is a first in the airline’s 10 year history, having only operated narrow-body aircraft up until this point. These aircraft include the A319, A320, A320neo, Dash-8 and E170.

With the acquisition of these new wide-body aircraft, Air Côte d’Ivoire will have the ability to expand to far flung destinations from their home base of Abidjan, with their plan being an expansion of transcontinental routes.

I personally find this very exciting news. Another African carrier getting new generation, long-haul aircraft, much like Uganda Airlines, Air Senegal, etc. .

How about you? What do you think of this new order?

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I find this quite interesting. On the one hand, the airline has deferred delivery of more A320neo aircraft which led me to believe that their commercial success is rather limited. On the other hand, this new order of a new type of aircraft makes me believe in the viability of their business again. However, for me, many problems remain. Where will they fly these aircraft? In my opinion, Europe, and more specifically France will most likely be on the agenda. And while they might see some success serving some secondary French cities directly, I am wondering whether or not such a small and unknown airline can really compete with the national powerhouse Air France. I also hope that the government will help to facilitate growth rather than put its national interest over the interest of the airline which normally leads to overstaffing, inefficient operations (scheduling, utilization, limited connectivity) and mismanagement.
At the same time, the biggest problem from my point of view (AF) might be not as big of a threat as I think, as AF owns a part of the airline as far as I know. The question is how this will impact the operations of the airline in practice, though.
While I personally see some problems with filling the aircraft, I can also imagine this to be a successful new business part for the airline, especially if it can profit from synergies with Air France, such as feeder operations on EU-Africa routes.


Air France holds an 11% stake in the company, which makes things even more interesting.

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Nice to see another airline acquiring this amazing aircraft but that livery is BORING!

Its just the airline name text + logo + two stripes on the tail. I wish airlines would put a bit more effort into designing liveries.

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To be fair the simple extension of the green stripe to the middle of the fuselage already makes it better than most of the other Eurowhite liveries that only paint the tail


Isn’t that what I wrote? ^^ But still, I think you’re right, this is a way I can see success for them

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I’m assuming they’ll mostly fly these transcontinental, so further African destinations, possibly the Middle East as well. They very well could fly to Europe as well though, it’s not off the table.

I’m assuming this’ll be kind of like Air Senegal, RwandAir or Uganda Airlines, whether they’re successful with their longer flights isn’t up to me to say since I don’t have enough knowledge of that sadly.

And yes, the Air France-KLM Group owns 11% of the airline I believe, maybe they’ll strike up a deal for French flights, who knows.

At the end of the day, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m personally not very good at judging airline’s moves or business strategies so I won’t accidentally give people the wrong information.

@AGSilver_04 Yup, they do indeed.

@BennyBoy_Alpha It is nice, and livery wise that’s of course personal preference, some people like Eurowhite, some don’t. We all have our own tastes.

@MxP And yes, I do agree with your points on the livery.

Apologies for the late replies, school has been a bit heavy as of late.

No worries 😉 I have been busy with my Airline Management studies recently, that’s also why I gave my best shot at a prediction to try and use what I learned. Don’t take them seriously though xD My knowledge probably still equals 0.5% or less of what would be needed to judge on such a move 😅

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I like some of the Eurowhite liveries (e.g. I like Lufthansa’s) but some I really hate…

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Definitely appreciate the input though also awesome thing to be busy at xD.

@BennyBoy_Alpha Totally fair.

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