Air Corsica A320

I’d love to see this livery being added eventually, which would be great to fly to France’s most beautiful island.


Could you add a bit more substance to your post, and vote for your own feature?

What a stunning livery!

You should know whether this has already been requested or not before posting. All you have to is type in the search bar any key words from your title of this topic to find anything similar.
It’s not necessary to apologize when you can avoid making such mistakes.

Other than that don’t forget to vote for your own feature request and maybe add a little more info about the airliner would be very nice, don’t you think…? It’ll give people a bit of an inside to what this airliner is and where they operate and so on :)

Cmon mate, add a little substance. Why do you want it? Where is it from? Why should it be added? Perhaps a little background on the airline?

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@Ivan_Lin I would vote for your own features!!

Happy landings