Air Connection Airline Alliance

I present to you all, the Air Connection Airline Alliance! Air Connection is a brand new Airline Alliance, and I’m finally releasing my website to the public! This VA is like SkyTeam or oneWorld. It’s a group that consists of two or more airlines that have agreed to cooperate together. My goal is to help small virtual airlines grow into larger ones by them gaining more notice. I hope that Air Connection will become a great air alliance! :)

Fill out the application on my website to join us! Let me know if I did pretty good for the first stages of my website please! Feedback is nice. :)

Air Connection

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It doesn’t say on the website what this is

Still in editing.

What is an alliance

It kind of works like this but since it’s infinite flight, the money parts and etc. aren’t included

We’ve got a new logo! Made entirely by me. ;)


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New logo looks nice!

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Thanks a lot! :)

I just started a VA today(so no pilots yet) I don’t think I’ll be big, but what are the requirements? @FlyFi

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There aren’t that many requirements, but I suggest your VA to have a website, a valid logo, and atleast 5 members before you apply. I wish I could edit my website, but my laptop is under maintenance… :/

How does this Alliance work, because I’m interested in joining

Well, my laptop is currently under maintenance, so applications to join ACAA and the ACAA website are on hold. You can definitely fill out the application though, and I’ll review it when I get access to my laptop again. :)

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I’m CEO of E-Z Air Australia and I love the idea. Would you consider allowing us to join?

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