Air China “Zichen Hao” A330 (B-6076)

Zichen Hao A330

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This is the Air China “Zichen Hao” livery on their A330. Since the A330 rework is on the horizon I figured I’d make this topic in hopes to see this stunning livery.

What is Air China?

Air China Limited (“Air China”) and its predecessor, the former Air China, were founded in 1988. According to the “Civil Aviation System Reform Program” which was approved and passed by the State Department in October 2002, the former Air China consolidated with China National Aviation Company and China Southwest Airlines and founded China Aviation Group Company. Based on the combined air transportation resources of the three entities, the new Air China Company was established.
Source: Welcome to Airchina!

Alright Lets see
Air China operates this, A330 rework is coming, and I like the look of the livery!



That’s a really cool livery! I don’t have votes though so I’m not able to vote

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Insert @OldAirChinaVirtual


We think that this a must-have in Infinite Flight! The Airbus A330-300 is the backbone of our long-haul fleet! With route options to Geneva, London-Gatwick, Zurich, and more, connecting East Asia to Europe and beyond is super simple! We hope that you can support this feature!

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I think it should be added too lol

Definitely required for the A333 rework 🤞

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