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Air China Virtual was re-founded by CrisYe in Jan. 2022. We have two different systems, one is our normal VA operation, and the other is our career mode, called Phoenix Plan. We believe that you will have a good time in our VA! And here, we have more than 1,000 routes for you to fly and our team updates it weekly to help you explore the world! Can’t wait to see you here! Today China, Tomorrow the World!

Our Staff Team

Senior Mangement
@CrisYe - Founder & EX-Chief Executive Officer
@JeffreyTian - Chief Executive Officer @Steve_Jiang - Assistant to Founder
@HenryD1 - Chief Operation Officer @Ray_Wang - HR/PR Manager
@Piggywu - Head of IA @AirChina196 - IT Manager (Webmaster)
Junior Management
@Misaka_BerryXu - Event Manager @Reter - Flight Manager

CAVA Career Mode (Phoenix Plan)

The Phoenix Plan is based on real Air China passanger Phoenix-miles plan. With a requirement to fly once every 30 days and regular rank advancements, the program is based on a huge fleet with Air China and our code-share partners. It is perfect for both new CAVA pilots and experienced pilots.

Our Routes

At Air China Virtual, we have more than 1,000 routes, and our Flight Manager will update the database weekly to make sure our pilots can enjoy the newest routes. Now, turn to below, see it!

Air China Virtual thanks each and every one of its partners for allowing us to expand our routes across 6 continents and nearly every developed country across the world. Join today to explore the world in your favorite airlines and aircraft!

Air China Virtual is a Star Alliance Virtual Member


Join Us Today!


  • Infinite Flight Community Account: TL1 or Above
  • Minimum Age: 13 Years Old
  • IF Grade: Grade 3 or Above
  • Minimum of flight hours : 150 hours
  • Minimum of landings : 100 landings
  • Violation-to-Landing Ratio: Less than 15%
  • Level 2 and 3 violations: Max two within the last year.
  • Active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

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Air China Virtual is a virtual airline exclusively for the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight. We have no connection or affiliation with Air China or any other real-world airline.
All Air China trademarks (including logos and icons) referenced or displayed on this site remain the property of Air China.

Copyright © 2022 Air China Virtual & CrisYe

Creator: @CrisYe
Badge: Old Air China Virtual (Special Thanks)
Special Thanks: @Simon_Guo1

Trust Level 3 members, the wiki has been set for our CEO @CrisYe to edit the thread, please do not edit anything in our thread, thanks!


I am so happy to take CAVA back to this community! Welcome to join us!


Wonderful thread, congrats on the approval it is so great to see CAVA back !

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Very nice thread! Glad to see CAVA back


Happy that CAVA is back now! Good work Cris :D


I really appreciate your help during our certifition process, thanks so much!

Thanks for your kind words, Gritz! We are happy to do codeshare with your VA as well!

Thanks JT! I can’t do the thing without your help! I appreaticed that!

Air China Virtual CEO


It was a pleasure! ;)


Such a nice news to see this VA back! Well done guys.

There’s Jeffrey in, that’s even better😍

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Welcome back, new CAVA! Might apply.

Crissssssssssssss! Super great

Thanks for your words Alexandre! Jeffrey must be very happy if he see you in CAVA!

Thanks mate! We also looking for new professional pilots, can’t wait to see you!

Thanks Chalice!

Air China Virtual CEO

ANA Virtual Group welcomes you all back! We’ve missed you ;).
-ANA Virtual Group Staff Team


We are glad to receive message from ANA Virtual Group! Thank you for your kind words!

On behalf of the Air China Virtual Staff Team
Air China Virtual CEO


Just applied!


Air China Virtual is now a Star Alliance Virtual Member!

Dear Pilots,

We are glad to announce that, after talking with Evan, as known as leader of Star Alliance Virtual. Air China Virtual successfully joined Star Alliance Virtual today, we hope both of us will work together smoothly!

On behalf of the Air China Virtual Management
Air China Virtual CEO


Nice job. Welcome on board Air China Virtual :)


Air China Virtual Staff Team Refresh

We are sorry to announce our founder, @CrisYe has left his Chief Executive Officer position. Due to school work and he is going to focus on VATSIM, he doesn’t have enough time to manage Air China Virtual anymore. We wish him the best.

And now, please give a warm welcome to @JeffreyTian to get the Chief Executive Officer position.

Also, @Ray_Wang joined our Senior Management and will be the HR/PR Manager. Welcome Ray!

Last but not least to our partners, also partners in the future, we will get in touch with you very soon!

Air China Virtual Staff Team