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I have apply for become a CAVA pilot


Great! You will hear from a member of staff soon with a slack invitation! 😁


Thanks and for another time great job !


So glad to be a part of this great VA, everybody has worked so hard over the past couple of months, the thread looks great.


Update! :

We are hosting our first IFC event, in which we will celebrate the approval of our VA! This event will be a Beijing flyout, and if you’d like to sign up and fly with us, visit this topic :

A big thank you goes out to our wonderful events manager, @yoshi_flyer, for his consistent work, and dedication to our VA, we’re very glad to have you!

Shane H
Human Resources Manager at CAVA


End of Summer Update!

It has been an exciting 2 weeks since we have posted our thread! The VA is running smoothly and we get new applications every day from pilots all over the world. The chat is very active with over 100,000 messages being sent since our opening! Check out the infographic below on how the VA is doing:


New Codeshare Announcement!

We are very proud to announce @Singapore_Virtual as an official CAVA Partner! This Gold Partnership allows pilots to fly 60 new routes from WSSS, connecting South Asia to the World with 8 flight connections to CAVA hubs! Check out their thread below!

The Bamboo Award

The Air China Virtual Bamboo award is given to those who have helped Air China Virtual extensively and show their true loyalty to the VA. This time round’ we give this prestigious award to two worthy recipients.

The First recipient is @lucaviness. Luca serves the community as a loyal CAVA and DLVA pilot, is an IFATC Specialist, an IFATCEG Writer, and serves as a Community Regular. He is best known for his tremendous devotion to the community through helpful topics such as The Infinite Flight Communications Manual and the helpful Changing Infinite Flight Pronounciations Guide

Luca has served Air China as a volunteer supervisor helping us set up the IFATCEG Bot, Format this very thread, and has helped give countless suggestions on workflow of our Slack Space and always gives us a great laugh! Thank You, Luca, for you service to the VA and we cannot wait to see you grow through our ranks.

The Second award recipient is @Brad. Brad serves the community as a UVAL Staff Member and CAVA pilot, GAC Moderator, and is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a real-life pilot by going through training in his hometown. He has posted several amazing events such as the KATL Flyout and the KEWR Flyout drawing over 200 pilots to his events.

Brad has served Air China Virtual as a consultant and has helped input over 1500 of our routes into the Crew Center, spending a total of over 15 hours of work. Brad has helped oversee our education and recruiting programs and now serves as a faithful pilot in our ranks. Thank you, Brad, for your tremendous service to this VA. Good Luck with your pilot training, and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you.

image_from_ios (3) (1)

Please Congratulate these two CAVA pilots and Community members on this prestigious award below!

Thank you, everyone, for reading this and we hope to see you at our event on September 19!

Apply Now! | Website


Congrats @Brad and @lucaviness!

As President and Founder of the VA, your work that you have both given is absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work, you will be doing amazing things in your futures!


Congratulations @lucaviness and @Brad! Great to see CAVA growing so much!


Congratulations @Brad and @lucaviness, thank you for all of the help you have given CAVA. Great to see our VA growing so much and I hope that we will continue to grow long into the future.


Special Announcement!

Hello Infinite Flight Community! I would like to thank all of you for the boasting support these last few weeks. We are already at almost 50 members! Today’s announcement brings both sad and happy news.

To start, we announce the departure of @Matt_B. Matt has been truly a wonderful asset to this VA as Chief Education Officer. Matt is retiring from his staff duties due to the amazing opportunity to go to college and live his life to the fullest! We thank you, Matt, for your continued dedication and support to this VA. Your Training Lessons never failed to impress and you truly are one of the greatest staff members to ever be at CAVA!

Matt and I met in early 2020 @vAloha (one of our codeshare partners). Shortly after starting Air China Virtual Matt jumped onboard as the 4th staff member, eventually turning in to one of the most dedicated. Matt’s knowledge of aviation exceeds anything I would imagine. He is informative and is always willing to drop what he is doing to help someone out. Good luck in your future, Matt. We will deeply miss your charming character in the Slack, and I speak for all of us when I say we will never forget you and your work.

The Good News

Closing off with some good news! Today we welcome a brand new staff member to the CAVA family! Please give a warm welcome to @ToasterStroodie, the new Chief Education Officer! Danny joined Air China Virtual as one of our first pilots and has quickly befriended most, if not all of the CAVA Slack. He has shown immense leadership by helping out new members at our VA and has proved time and time again how helpful he is.

Danny serves the Infinite Flight Community as a faithful member of several high-profile Virtual Airlines and if a Officer at the Infinite Flight ATC group. He also uses his vast aviation knowledge to provide articles and writings for the IFATC Education Group. You can find him around the Infinite Flight Community and various Slack groups spreading positivity around! I have known Danny for 4 or so months and have truly seen immense compassion and hard work no matter what task he is doing. I am so grateful to have such a competent member of our community joining our ranks.

Welcome to the team, Danny!!

Pilot of the Month.

We welcome this month our very first Pilot of the Month. The Pilot of the Month award goes out to those that go above and beyond the call of duty as a pilot. As August was the first month we were open, the staff at CAVA did not expect much from out pilots. Boy…were we wrong! This month pilots accumulated over 1900 flight hours! Wow!

Our prestigious pilot of the month award goes out to @li7ing. Alex has accumulated over 400 hours by actively flying routes, ROTW (Routes of the Week) and Events. We welcomed him tonight into the highest rank our VA offers flying the beautiful queen of the skies. Congrats Alex on your achievement, we can’t wait to see how far you go!

Please be sure to give a farewell to @Matt_B and thank him for his services at the VA. Don’t forget to also congradulate @ToasterStroodie and @li7ing on their accomplishments!

Jarrett Schiedemeyer President and Founder of CAVA


Congratulations @ToasterStroodie! I’m so happy for you!

Oh, and of course, congrats to CAVA for acquiring such a wonderful staff member and @li7ing for Pilot of the Month!


We couldn’t agree more! We truly have some of the greatest staff around! No bias…of course! ;)

We would like to extend our gratitude to @Z-Tube for having such an awesome VA that we can partner with! Check out their thread above under our partner’s tab!

Jarrett Schiedemeyer President and Founder of CAVA


It’s truly an amazing VA to be part of. On behalf of all the Staff members at NonStop Virtual, we congratulate all of you. It’s great to see this VA grow and grow every. We are very glad to be partners with you!


Good job @ToasterStroodie!!!


Hey Congrats @ToasterStroodie!!

ThAts mY bOy


Congrats @li7ing on your HUGE achievement! Welcome to the staff team @ToasterStroodie, and last but not least thank you, once again, @Matt_B for your wonderful service to this VA. You will undoubtedly be missed!


Stay safe and happy flying everyone.


Thank you everyone for all your kind words! Thank you to the staff at CAVA for giving me the privilege to be a staff member! A big thanks as well to every pilot at CAVA and this community for welcoming me into my new role as Chief Education Officer. I’m very much looking forward to it! And to all of CAVA’s partner VAs, it’s a great pleasure and honor to be partnered with all of you! I’m excited to see what the future holds


What a professional VA! Amazing!


Thanks so much! we’re so glad you enjoy CAVA!