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Founded in early 2020, Air China Virtual is dedicated to making the pilot experience as professional and as fun as possible. Through daily, weekly, and monthly events, partnerships, pilots prizes, and much more, we keep our pilots happy and active. Our professional training programs, career modes, and weekly educational activities allow pilots of all skill levels and ages to learn something!

A Message From Our Founder

Hello, my name is Jarrett Schiedemeyer and I am the President and Founder of Air China Virtual. As a kid, my head was always aimed towards the sky hoping that a plane would fly overhead. At a young age, I had moved around a bit around Wisconsin, my home state. After a few years, my family settled down in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where I currently live. Growing up living in the same city as EAA AirVenture meant that my love for aviation was skyrocketed each time I saw a plane “rock its wings” for the FISKE Arrival. As a 16-year-old AvGeek, I want to learn as much about aviation as I can, just like anyone else. My goal is to lead Air China Virtual to it’s greatest potential with professionalism and fun in mind. Hop aboard CAVA for the ride of the lifetime and join us in making IF history as the best VA in China!

With Excitement and Gratitude,
Jarrett Schiedemeyer, President and Founder of Air China Virtual

Our Staff - The Powerhouse of CAVA

A staff team is what makes a VA unique. Stretching from the United States to China, our diverse background brings a unique experience, unlike any other VA! Our staff team is dedicated to making you, the pilot, feel comfortable at our VA!

Staff Roster
Community Name Position
646078_2120x120 @Joseph.Barnett Vice President - Head of Phoenix Division
@JulietTango Vice President - Head of Peony
588851_2120x120 @Namir_Thobani Head of Internal Affairs and Crew Center Management
570268_2120x120 @Shane HR Manager
634985_2120x120 @yoshi_flyer Events Manager
570224_2120x120 @Yaoring Chief Pilot
572301_2120x120 @ToasterStroodie Chief Education Officer
561800_2120x120 @Oskapew Education Officer
636071_2120x120 @TranX Recruiting Officer
565846_2120x120 @Pilot_Dave Recruiting Officer

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Here at Air China Virtual, we offer two programs. The Peony Program and the Phoenix Program. Both programs focus on flying, fun, and professionalism. Don’t feel comfortable in the program you are in? No worries! You have a chance each month to join the opposite program with all flight hours and mile transferring!

The Peony Program

The Peony Program, named after the beautiful flower worn on our 737-700’s in Infinite Flight, is one of two career paths our pilots are able to take. The Peony Program is a laid back pilot program. With a requirement to fly once every 30 days and regular rank movement. This program is perfect for first-timers to the VA business or even the most expert of pilots wanting to enjoy Air China Virtual casually while having fun in the cockpit!

The Phoenix Program

The Phoenix Program, named after our tail logo, is the second program for our pilots to choose from. The Phoenix Program is a Professional Program. With a requirement to fly once every 7-14 days and a sophisticated rank-up system in which you must pass certification tests to fly a specific type of aircraft, this is certainly a path for career-like pilots! This program is meant for professional flyers that enjoy impromptu hub changes, aircraft certification tests, and even special missions!

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Designed by Pilots for Pilots

From flying the CRJ-200 up to Mongolia or the Queen of the Skies to Los Angeles, at Air China Virtual we tailor to whatever flight our pilots fancy. At Air China Virtual we don’t want our pilots to be stuck on regional routes. That’s why we have Air China Cargo operations, the whole cargo fleet and route network unlock immediately upon joining!

Our Ranks
Hours Aircraft Unlocked
Rankone120x120 0-24 COMAC, Cargo, and 737 Fleet Families
ranktwo120x120 25-74 A320 Fleet Family
rank 3120x120 75-154 A330 Fleet Family
rankfour120x120 155-254 787 and 777 Fleet Families
rankfive120x120 250-399 A350 Fleet Family
ranksix120x120 400+ 747 Fleet Family

A Reward System that Honors the Best

In addition to our ranks, we have special rewards and perks for those that go above and beyond the normal expectations for a CAVA pilot.

Panda Rewards
Hours Perks Unlocked
12-120611_panda-clipart-black-and-white (5) (1)120x120 450 x1.5 flight time on Second Officer routes
12-120611_panda-clipart-black-and-white-1 (1)120x120 550 x1.5 flight time on First Officer routes AND Access to the Panda Lounge
12-120611_panda-clipart-black-and-white-4 (1)120x120 650 x1.5 flight time on Captain routes
12-120611_panda-clipart-black-and-white-2 (1)120x120 750 x1.5 flight time on Senior Captain routes
12-120611_panda-clipart-black-and-white-3 (1)120x120 1000 x2 flight time on Senior Captain routes and below, x1.5 flight time on Chief Captain routes and above

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Platinum Partners (100+ Routes)

United Virtual Airlines
Finnair Virtual
South African Virtual Airways

Diamond Partners (75+ Routes)

SWISS International VA

Gold Partners (50+ Routes)

EVA Air Virtual
Vueling Virtual Group
Singapore Virtual
Air India Virtual

Silver Partners (25+ Routes)

ANA Virtual
Non-Stop Virtual
SAS Virtual Group

Bronze Partners

Air Canada Virtual
Avianca Virtual
El Al Virtual
Ethiopian Virtual
Fly Unlimited Virtual
Virgin Virtual Group

Check Out Our Codeshare Route Network!

2879 Routes. 1 Air China.

Our route network is updated quarterly to stay up to date with real-world Air China routes. Check out our maps below!

Domestic Route Network

International Route Network

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Air China Virtual uses a state of the art Crew Center! From booking routes to filing pilot reports, the CAVA Crew Center has it all! A few other features include live weather and map details.

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Apply Today!


  • At Least 13 Years of Age

  • Valid IF Pro Subscription

  • Grade 3 (access to the Expert Server)

  • Valid IFC account

  • Good Standing on the IFC

  • Access to Slack (communication app)

  • Ability to fly a route at least once a month

Today China. Tomorrow the World.

Air China Virtual is in no way affiliated or partnered with the real-world airline. All logos, taglines, and links look similar to CCA by mistake. All rights reserved to respective Virtual Airlines, Infinite Flight, and the IFVARB Copyright 2020 Air China Virtual.

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