Air China Virtual Official Thread • Today China. Tomorrow the World • The Best New VA of 2020!

One of the best VA on IF i must say!

They have amazing and kind staff,amazing discord server,lots of routes to explore include codeshares, and many more!

I am very proud to be one of CAVA pilot and i really recommend you to join😉


I thought you guys used Slack like it said on the website.


Hey, @fly.akm! Air China Virtual just recently moved to Discord – it hosts a ton of automation, bots, and channel organization. I’m sure it takes a little bit to update everything, as it probably says they use Slack in a lot of places.


Indeed, as @lucaviness said, we recently moved into our brand new discord server! We have some amazing bots to go with it and a ton of automation. I hope we can see you joining soon!

-JT, CAVA Deputy President


I’ve applied! Cannot wait to see it!


Thats amaziiiiing! I’m excited for you to join!!!


Thank you! We’re so happy to have you within our VA!

Thank you, AsternAviation! Happy flying! ;)

Thank you for the great catch! The thread has been edited as appropriate! Thank you for being a loyal pilot!

We love having you as staff here! Thank you for the kind comments!

We LOVE Allegiant codeshares! They are so fun to do! Thank you for being an awesome partner! ;)

I think we agree! Thank you to Luca for designing and creating this awesome thread. Thank you for the awesome comments!

Thank you wig! We love having you in our pilot roster!

Thank you o much for your comments, Dhruv! You’re an awesome and dedicated pilot, thanks for sticking with us!

Thanks, Devin! We love having you on our pilot roster! While you can’t spam Avacado emoji’s anymore, the spirit lives on!

Ramzi! Thank you! You’re an awesoem and super active pilot! Keep being awesome! ;)

See you soon! ;)


Awesome Thread! Glad to be partnered with you!



Can’t wait for what the future holds for CAVA! Highly Recommend to join!


Wow, amazing thread.
CAVA is the best VAs out there! The people at CAVA are very kind, especially the Staff! The diversity of routes in CAVA is crazy, because they have a lot of partners.
I just wanna say thank you to @JarrettFlies, and his amazing Staff team for having this amazing VA! :D


Awesome virtual airline!


Totally didn’t apply to CAVA yesterday

Looking forward to joining this wonderful VA!


It’s totally worth it, can’t wait to see you there!


Thank you neither can I!


I will definitely join this VA if I get back to grade 3 :)


What a beautiful thread! 😍 Awesome to be a pilot here!







Lunar New Year 2021 - The Year of the Ox

Lunar New Year is among us! As millions of people gear up for the 4th most celebrated holiday in the world! Here at Air China Virtual, we are embracing the Asian culture and providing unique experiences for our pilots! From events, world tours, and multipliers for the entire month of February! At the beginning of next month, the staff have a huge surprise for our pilots!

Lunar New Year Festivities

Want to see what Air China Virtual is doing to celebrate Lunar New Year? Check out our brand new web portal for all things Lunar New Year here!! We are having weekly giveaways to the top pilots, special events, and so much more! Sign up for our Lunar New Year event today! CAVA pilots get a x3 flight time multiplier on any flight!

Other VA Announcements

Every Month, Air China Virtual offers a pilot of the month award to one pilot that goes above and beyond in the duties of an average pilot. This month we congratulate @Andy_R on become the January pilot of the month! Andy has performed 679 Hours across 99 flights and has transported over 42,000 passengers during the month of January! Thank you, Andy for your serious dedication and thank you!

Every once in a while we say hello to new staff members. During the January period, the staff at Air China Virtual has promoted and welcomed new staff members! Congrats to @Shane for becoming a member of the Senior Management Team, the highest staff sub-category. Shane’s determination to lead the VA has been unparalleled! Secondly, we welcome @Aviation3 to the CAVA board of directors! Alex has done a superb job making our VA stand out and for that we thank him for his service! We also welcome @Ubaid1 and @fly.akm as two new members to the CAVA staff team!

Air China Virtual Reaches 100 Pilots!

As of today, Air China Virtual officially has over 100 pilots in the VA! We would like to thank each and every pilot for being apart of our family. Here’s to 100 more!

IFC Photo Contest!

This month we want you all to share your pride flying Air China throughout the Infinite Skies! Share your best screenshots on Instagram and Twitter with hashtag #CAVAlunar Be sure to tag us on our social media! (Insta: AirChinaVirtual, Twitter: China_Virtual) and we will repost and/or retweet them! We can’t wait to see your submissions! Anyone from the IFC may participate, not just CAVA pilots!

January Statistic for Air China Virtual

19 new pilots • 3955 Hours Logged • 445 Total Flights • 1, 174, 142 miles flown,

Air China Virtual is not affiliated with Air China Airlines, Infinite Flight, or any other organization.

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Graphics look great, whoever made those should get some free hours 👀 🤷🏽‍♂️

Promotion to President wouldn’t hurt either while we’re at it 🤪😇


Hey! That’s my job! I don’t think you’ll be taking that position anytime soon 😉