Air China Virtual | Celebrating 1 Year of Excellence! | Official Thread

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Founded in early 2020, Air China Virtual is dedicated to constantly improving the pilot experience. Through events, partnerships, an intricate rank and reward system, an extensive fleet, and much more, we keep our pilots happy, healthy, and active. Additionally, our professional training program, Career Mode, and weekly educational lessons and events benefit all pilots, both old and new. Check out our website here !

A Message from our Founder

Welcome to CAVA,

Over a year ago, I set out to leave my mark on the VA/VO world in Infinite Flight. After over 30,000 hours, 3,000 flights, and 200 happy pilots, I’d say that my goal has been accomplished. Now, as a Techinical Advisor to the VA, it is great to see the legacy of the Best New Virtual Airline of 2020 continue onwards as an absolute powerhouse, one that no other Chinese VA has ever accomplished. So, for those both new and old, welcome to Air China Virtual, and welcome to the premier Chinese Virtual Airline. Today China, Tomorrow the World!

Yours truly,
JarrettFlies | Air China Virtual Founder

A Message from our President

Thanks for checking out CAVA,

It would be an honour for you to join us as a pilot. At CAVA we value fun, professionalism, and flying. Whenever you see a CAVA pilot, you know they’re one of the most professional pilots around, but they are also part of a family. We value our community greatly, and its one of the things I’m most proud of, there are always pilots online and willing to chat about anything! CAVA is always looking for new pilots to join us, so I invite you to take the leap and join our big family. You won’t regret it

JulietTango Air China Virtual President

Our Team – The Powerhouse of CAVA

Senior Management Team

@JulietTango - President @SamC - Deputy President
@ToasterStroodie - Senior Management Team Member @JarrettFlies - Founder and Tech Manager

Board Members

@Alexander_Pehrman - HR Manager
* Senior Management Team

Operations Staff

@TranX - Support Staff @NJ24 - Support Staff

* Senior Management Team Constitutes as Board Members

Peony Program

The Peony Program, named after the beautiful flower worn on Air China’s special 737 livery, is one of two career paths our pilots may choose from. With a requirement to fly once every 30 days and regular rank advancements, the program is fast-paced, laid back, and boasts a huge fleet . It is perfect for both CAVA first-timers and experienced pilots.
Ranks and Rewards


AMECO stands for Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corporation Limited. AMECO is owned by Air China. At Air China Virtual, we offer a plethora of AMECO Maintenance Flights a month. These flights have specific instructions and can be anything from flying a 737-800 that had its engine replaced and needs to be returned to Frankfurt from Beijing to a United 777-300ER that needs to be ferried back to Newark after having a Cargo Door replaced in Beijing! Any rank may fly AMECO routes!

Air China VIP Services

Unlocked at the senior captain rank, Air China VIP Services is a series of monthly routes that focus on VIP and Luxury Private transportation. From flying the Chinese Diplomats on the 747-8 to technology company leaders in the 777-200LR or even business people in the Citation X, Air China VIP Services is all about traveling to unique places with unique aircraft. After reaching the Panda ranks, pilots may fly various aircraft to and from any airport!

6700+ routes. 6 continents. 40+ aircraft variants. 70+ codeshare airlines. 1 Air China Virtual.

71 Airlines. 1 VA. Welcome to Air China Virtual

Air China Virtual thanks each and every one of its partners for allowing us to expand our routes across 6 continents and nearly every developed country across the world. In particular, Air China Virtual recognizes @UnitedVirtual for their generosity of over 800 codeshare routes! With the help of our partners, we have gained over 5,000 routes! Join today to explore the world in your favorite airlines and aircraft!

*Airlines denoted with a star are either defunct partner VA’s or realistic codeshares as per the IFVARB policy.

Join Us Today!

We’d love to have you onboard! Take a look at our requirements below and and fill out the application right here in the thread!!

Air China Virtual Thanks the Following People For Boosting the Discord Server!

Air China Virtual - The Best New VA of 2020!

Air China Virtual is not affiliated with Air China Airlines, Infinite Flight, or any other organization.

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Proud to be part of this magnificent VA!


What an awesome VA! I highly recommend joining! The community and family-sense of the VA really makes me want to fly as much as I can. Not to mention, the 71 Airlines that you can fly with CAVA is just amazing!


Very nice thread! Glad to be a part of this amazing VA!


Stunning looking thread 😍


Awesome thread CAVA! Very proud to be a part of this VA!


I am proud I have been here for one year. Congratulations CAVA! 🎉


Awesome thread!!! Oh behalf of our whole VA, we are glad to be partnered with you guys!!

Deakin Pope
China Airlines Virtual


i’m proud to be one of CAVA member🥰🥰


We always love featuring your routes in our ROTW! Happy to be codeshared with you guys!

Surf Air Virtual


This makes me happy to hear!


Such a nice VA! :)


So happy and grateful to be apart of this amazing VA! Congratulations guys, you’ve worked hard this past year. 😊 🎉


Just wanted to give our thread a little bump! CAVA is one of the best VAs out there and we’re always looking for new pilots to join our family. We’re waiting for you!


Announcement: CAVA is looking for staff!

CAVA is looking for a few dedicated and professional community members to join our staff team. We have many vacancies open at the moment and we’re open to new ideas! Here are our open positions:

  • Recruitment
  • PIREP/Routes Management

*Don’t see the one you like? We’re always happy to take on new staff so please PM us with any ideas you may have!


  • Must be grade 3 or above
  • Must not be on the IFVARB user watchlist or blacklist
  • Able to be a good team member and be able to work hard!
  • *Optional: IFATC member

JulietTango, CAVA President


Announcement: CAVA is Closing

Almost a year and a half ago CAVA opened its doors to the infinite flight community. Its feels like such a short time since we opened our doors to the world of Infinite Flight but it’s actually been so long. When we started we never expected the VA to grow this much and expand so much during our time. However recently you may have noticed a decline in staff and pilot activity. I personally have had less time to work on VA work as I have been extremely busy with school so I don’t have enough time to work on the VA. With that, its with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation from CAVA president. While this was a decision I didn’t really want to make, I think its in the best interest of the VA that I resign as I don’t have the full availability to continue the VA into the future.
With this news we asked pilots in the VA if anyone wished to takeover however no one took up the offer which sadly means CAVA will have to close down I’d like to thank all our pilots of all they have done for the VA and all our of former and present staff members who have done so much for the VA. While this was a decision we did not want to make we thought in the best interest of the VA that we close down to let someone take the helm in the future if they choose

Thank you everyone for your support from the community
-CAVA leadership