Air China to resume Service to North Korea

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Relations between the two countries have warmed lately with Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un holding two meetings in China since March. North Korea is in the meantime preparing for a summit with U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore on June 12.
Last month, two officials from North Korea’s Air Koryo told Reuters that the airline planned to launch charter flights between Pyongyang and Chengdu in south-west China amid the diplomatic thaw.

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I did not see this coming in my lifetime, very interesting. What are your guy’s thoughts? Anyone flying to North Korea now?


Are they still going to use the 737 airplane?

I didn’t think this would come either. This just proves that you never know what can happen. Atleast this shows ties are getting better with North Korea. Interesting topic Robert 😊


From what I’ve heard… North Korea is actually a very beautiful country and many people travel to see the land and interesting cities…

I wouldn’t be surprised if these flights do very well… I can also see a Direct flight to the US/From the US very soon after the summit


I honestly doubt that will ever happen unless the Koreas are reunified. Even if Kim drops his nuclear program, relations would not be good enough for an airline to start a flight. Besides, I doubt it would generate any revenue, and currently, Air Koryo is on a not allowed list in the US I believe.


I know a few people who gone and will say it’s an absolutely beautiful country!
I want to travel there one day

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Seeing that it is illegal for Americans to go to North Korea, probably not yet


Really, lol. I’m not really that supprised that arguably north Korea’s best ally is allowed to operate flights to North Korea.

North Korean situation has been overhyped by the media a nuclear escalation was never really likely, nukes were only for diplomatic power. It was only a matter of time before North Korea would have to open up with all the sanctions aginast them.

My prediction North Korea will end the Korean War sanctions lifted US presence in Korea removed. In the long term North Korea will probably be still a poor but less poor nation.

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Yes,theyre using the 737-700

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Is Air China an airline funded/owned/backed by the Chinese government? Would they get a monopoly on this route within the chinese carriers?

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Finally, what took so long. North Korea’s diplomatic tie to China is the strongest they have. About time they resumed flights again.

Without going to politically deep, I’ll give my two cents about my thoughts on North Korea and its future.

Personally I’ve never found North Korea as a enemy nor a danger to the world. I feel people are too paranoid and judge without knowing the real truth. Sure they sent a couple of missiles across Japan’s border but never practically harmed anyone in the process of doing so, but looking at other nations, you’ll see what kind of devastation they’ve brought up upon us all.

Now for the future, I believe thanks to South Korea, they have chance to grow. They won’t become as big as today’s economic power houses (USA, China, Japan, Germany, etc…) but still evolve and expand within the trading market of importing / exporting goods and services. I could see their GDP growing significantly but still remain and considered as a poor nation for the most. Another thing we’ll start seeing is rich and poor people separation. Some will remain poor and other will grow and a segregation in socio economic values and differences will come forth. And their nuclear arsenal will continue to be a great asset to their military defense and governmental power. They won’t throw away their nuclear assets just like that, it’s their last line of defense, proving the world what they are capable of doing when in provocation.

Will they unify with SK? No they won’t and they shouldn’t! it’d be a major burden on SK, and the massive difference in economic stands (Those who are Wealthy and those in Poverty) will differ a lot, and could put SK in odd positions they don’t want to be in. Language has become a barrier and so has their political stand and way of seeing things. All issues can be resolved but i believe that it’s be better if they keep being two separate nation with close friendly diplomatic ties.

Oh yea about flights… You could send Spirit Airlines there, they’ll bring spirit and hope to their newly found diplomatic ties… no?

In all seriousness, Air China will vastly keep dominating the North Korean flight market. The US can give it a shot but all complication between the two nations has to drop first.


I agree with that quite similar to what I said

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Yea, that’s true. Media really did overhype it and was once again no surprise, biased against NK, since they go against USA:s interests and those of higher power in this world.

Trump although I have nothing against him as he has done a couple of indirect improvements around the world, still did in this case bring out his stupidity and overly provoke Kim when it came to these minor things as shooting a rocket. Heck other nations has been bombing innocents and he’s complaining about a rocket launch.

Well what North Korea was doing and their Nuclear power plus technology is what the West will fear since it totally goes against everything the US has ever wanted, period.

I’ll stop there before turning this thread in to a hot pancake of political c**p. 💩

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I didn’t know Air China even flew to the DPRK

According to Flightaware, they currently operate the 737-200 to ZKPY!

@Drew33950 It’s time! 😜

I myself do not feel safe flying to North Korea. I wouldn’t want to go to North Korea till probably 5-10 years after reunification.

Actually when you go to North Korea it’s pretty safe as long as you follow the rules - you go with a government tour guide so they tell you everything you’re allowed to do and make sure you stay in really safe and posh parts of the country so that nk can project a good image of themselves.

It is illegal for US citizens to visit North Korea after Otto Wambier’s death.

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With the ongoing talks with North Korea I guess we could have anticipated this move,but I’m still skeptical of North Korea

It’s not like the US where u can prank someone and get away with it
NK u do what they want u to do if not ,ur gonna be execute or slaved to death in a prisoner camp