Air China the brand been removed from the flag Taiwan issue

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I just want to know about the company of Air China the headquarter in Beijing, China. I saw checked on the internet for Google information. When the flag of China also communism behind Taiwan. Did the plane travel to China and Taiwan own with government negotiation about avoiding the flag of China from the plane and did they are agreement? Did they say Taiwan Issue

The picture Air China is an Airbus A330-300, someone’s brand, has been removed from the flag of China page on Wikipedia.

The credit photo is N509FZ.
The flight from Taipei.
Did you see it there?

Air China did say: An Airbus A330-300 in the current livery is used on Taiwan routes. The PRC flag is removed due to Taiwan Issue.

May Air China should flag of China removed from the plane and behind Taiwan for notice also too in the app IF the same for an update?

Please, any questions or concerns and let me know. If the mods team wants to close from my topic before. Thank you.

The one shown above is not the standard livery. The flag is featured on the standard Air China livery. The modification without the flag is on very few aircraft, and this “version” of the livery solely operates domestically within China and to Taiwan, and not internationally. Therefore it would be illogical to remove the flag from the livery in Infinite Flight.

Please credit the source of the photograph.


But, I haven’t a new feature topic since Air China before has been removed from the flag of China for a planned vote at IFC and I am not sure and do you want to.

Again - this is a modified livery. All other Air China aircraft still feature the flag. It does not make sense to change it as the in-game livery is the official livery.

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Alright. Yes, and if we agree to have a problem all still Air China feature notes flag then and now for being removed the flag from the aircraft modified does not have a new feature topic yet also in the IF the same.

It doesn’t need a feature topic. They aren’t going to add a slightly modified livery that operates exclusively in a particular area. It would be one thing if it were an official livery change. But it’s not.

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Alright, well.

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