Air China Group Flight @ZHHH - 061100ZMAY20

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    Air China B747-8
    Air China A319-100
    Air China B787-900

  • Route:
    Wuhan (ZHHH) -> Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD)

  • Time of Departure: 11:00 (Zulu)
    Please be in 5-10 mins before departure time

  • Server:
    Training Server

  • Additional Information: I will be an Air China
    B787-9 and my callsign will be (Air China 3800) copy my flight plan upon arrival. Tell me if you will be coming.
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Which runway will be for departure?

It will be Runway 04R most likely. Unless the wind changes

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It’s depend on the weather during your departure

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Or if you know the APP named flightradar24(FR24), you can have a look which runway those planes use

Yea. There departing north which means either runway 04L or 04R

The runway I use for every landing depends on the wind direction. As long as there are no other players near the airport, I will choose the reverse I’ll land against the wind( Sometimes I land downwind)

Nice. You joining us??

Speed 250
Speed above 10k ft. 330 knots.
Maintain safe distance

Maybe no, I’m sorry, but my IF flashed back just now😭

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