Air China(China/France 50 years) livery

Saw this plane today at YVR, simple yet beautiful. Want this in IF and also the 77W is getting reworked ;)

Photo creds to Danny Yu


Pretty! Oh la la👍🏽

Ohh you live in YVR?

Well not like YVR But the Vancouver area

Yes he does :)

😂 Live in the airport!! 😂

That sounded so weird…

Those awkward online moments

This plane just looks so 白 (white)… 😂

PRC-France friendship plane flies to Canada… I know Canada speaks Français but this is seriously awkward… Lol

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Honestly I think they should’ve kept the blue stripe I agree it is a bit plain since most of it is just BLANK

Suits Canada don’t you think? Imagine ACA in this CCA livery lol red and white, just like the flag… 😂

Yah ok thx… But air Canada’s old livery was just the tail and the name and that’s it nothing else

But I like retro liveries and vintage planes

Let’s bring it to PM before someone ghosts us… (stalks us)

Anyways it’s a real plain livery :3

Looks plain but nice

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Some logics about the livery
France : French is one of the Canada’s Official Languange
Peoples Republic Of China : Many Chinese students are studying on Canada (Besides U.S)


Even though I don’t get it :P

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I get it… But it’s France, not Canada…


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