Air China Cargo Boeing 757-200F

All in all a beautiful livery in my opinion. Would love to see it in IF.

(Not my photo)
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Hauleluua I will tell the mustache god about this masterpiece. it’s incredible.


Looks very retro with that livery.

Masterpiece livery

Looks alright. Air China livery is really nice, and the B757 looks good with pretty much every livery.

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Wow! She’s an amazing plane!
And as the 757 is already in-game, it could come with it’s rework.

not a fabulous aircraft, but it is okay

Looks great.

I LOVE IT!!! I think it works really well

Cargo title looks so out of place. But I would like to have more cargo 757s, especially this!

I LOVE IT LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! its like the best thing ever! looks so good. its so simple i love it!