Air CHINA Cargo 777-200F


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Air China Cargo Co. Ltd.

Air China Cargo is a cargo airline of the People’s Republic of China with its headquarters in Shunyi District in Beijing. It is an all-cargo subsidiary of Air China and operates scheduled freighter services to 20 cities in 10 countries around the world. Its main base is Beijing Capital International Airport.
The airline was established on in 1987 and started operations shortly thereafter. It is owned by Air China (51%), CITIC Pacific(25%) and Beijing Capital International (24%) and has around 4,000 employees (as of March 2013).

In May 2011, Air China and Cathay Pacificannounced the consolidation of their cargo business to the new Air China Cargo

Air China Cargo serves the following airports as of January 2018:





In the game,China Cargo(Cargo King) was established on 30 July 1998 and started operations in October 1998. It was founded as, and remains, a joint venture between China Eastern Airlines (70%) and China Ocean Shipping(30%). It briefly adopted the title China Eastern Airlines Cargo, and reverted to its original name again after becoming an independent subsidiary in 2004.Not Air China Cargo


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Btw we already have a China Cargo 777F and a China Southern Cargo 777F in Infinite Flight


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