Air China cancels Beijing to Pyongyang route

Air China has cancelled routes from Beijing to Pyongyang for the foreseeable future as it was not getting high enough demand. The flights began in 2008 and mainly operated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


No wonder they weren’t getting a high demand, this was expected to be honest. There’s no guarantee you’ll ever make the return trip if you go to DPRK.


Actually you can as long as you follow the rules and don’t touch/steal banners. As you can see multiple Vlogs about trips to NK

Sad to see they cut the route, as it’s only one of few links to DPRK. But unfortunately it seems that the route is no longer profitable


Not like anyone would actually want to get into North Korea… and even then, you can still take Air Koryo.


I thought all flights in and out of Pyongyang were canceled months ago.

@SingaporeAirlines a shame? A shame that stupid people can no longer get into North Korea and support that country? Are you serious?


You are clearly wrong. Not everyone that flew into NK was flying there to go and help Kim build a nuke. Maybe you can not generalise and think of the amount of possible reasons anyone might want to fly there. Don’t be so close minded.


Many of the people going there were journalists, and some tourists.


I think we all knew that this was bound to happen at some time. Sad that it had to happen though.


You fly in, the taxes you pay for the flight go to Kim Jon Un who then buys some ink for some more propaganda. When you go to the Hotels you pay for it and that money goes to a Ski resort that only the tourists can go to. When you pay for a tour guide they know that if they take you off course they won’t have food that night.


Using that same logic when you travel to the US you pay taxes that are used to buy military weapons to kill innocent civilians… just no. That doesn’t mean they’re stupid people or that they are trying to help Kim. Just that it’s a consequence of traveling there. That doesn’t mean they want to support it or that they are idiots.


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You’re so getting yelled at.


I was honestly not surprised when I herd this. NK is becoming an increasingly dangerous country. I mean people go disappearing there and never make it home. I do wonder if Pres Xi Jinping asked for air China to do so, or if it was a safety measure by the airline itself


Here’s the thing. Any person who still travels to North Korea will be giving them some form of foreign currency, something the North Korean regime desperately needs to keep their heads above water. It is not as simple as “a consequence” of travel, giving the North Korean regime any foreign currency is unwise. It enables them to purchase weapons technologies, oil and gas on the black market, black market weapons, the list goes on. Handing them foreign currency when the world has adopted an isolationist policy on North Korea isn’t something you want to do.

I don’t think so, North Korea has to make sure that any Chinese nationals are safe in North Korea, or else they would run the risk of upsetting their closest ally if you can call China an “ally”.


Yes that is true- China is their closest “ally”. If they mess up that “alliance” they are done. Thanks for the explanation :)


I fully agree Dan. What I meant is that those people traveling aren’t stupid and trying to intentionally support the regime. Anyways, it’s been resolved in PM.

On another note, My thought on this is… pretty sad, from an avgeek perspective. I liked seeing the only non Air Koryo airline flying there, but now that’s not a thing. That makes me think… I could do that flight in the sim…
opens simbrief


They operated the route with a 737 I think they could have used a smaller plane.0a1a1a1a


They were using the 737-700, one of the smallest planes in their fleet.


Woow, American manufactured Airplane in North Korea?

Based on what i read, the flight used to get canceled many times, I think that Air koryo is enough…


Hmm…what are the odds,

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