Air China, CAL Cargo (All white a/c), LAN 787-9

Air China 777-300ER:


CAL Cargo 747-400F:


LAN 787-9:


My first 787-9 ^


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Dat 787 tho!

Got a LAN 787-8 later that day too

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Lucky. The only 787 I have seen was an -8, and I only saw it for like 5 seconds as I was passing BHX on the train. (Air India)

I like the Air China livery on the 77W :)

Oh! I am very lucky as I live in Paris! I have seen several 787’s: Ethiopian, Air India, Japan Airlines, Hainan Airlines (it sometimes come with a Dreamliner).

I have flown United 787 and recently Air India’s 787. Really not a bad experience but I prefer the A380 :)

Nice photos!


Hope someday to take the 4 hr hop down to MEX on a 787-8 sometime. Otherwise I’d have to slap down huge $ to fly out to NRT 😂

OMGZZZZ!!! You must live the life! How was the 787? Were United better than Air India?