Air China Boeing 787-9 ZULS/LXA - KSEA/SEA - ZUDC/DCY. 22h 59m

I got my smartphone iPhone 13 Pro Max in the app to track LiveFlight-only screenshots. I hold to my iPad 8th simulation on IF for very long hours. My game for Air China Boeing 787-9 is originally from the mountains level Lhasa then and the last stop was at Sangdui Township, Daocheng, Sichuan, China.

China 🇨🇳, Mongolia 🇲🇳, and Russia (Siberia) 🇷🇺.

North America: Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia, Canada, Washington State.

North Hemisphere.

Nonstop than 22 hours.


MacBook Air.

MacBook Air.


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