Air China B777-300ER “Smiling China” Livery

This is the Air China “Smiling China” livery.

(Photo link:

Before you say it, I am fully aware that there is a feature request on the normal Air China B777-300ER however, since we already have that livery on the 789 and 748, I thought it would be nice to change it up a bit and request a special livery. Personally I think this livery looks a bit better than the normal Air China livery and I think it would be a great addition to the 77W after the rework. There should also be more Asian/Chinese liveries in IF for trans-pacific & trans-continent flights between Asia and Europe. Anyways here are some info on the 77W and Air China. If you like this livery and wish for it to be included in the upcoming 777 rework, please vote for it on this thread.


Air China:

Looks like this already exists.

It has been bumped recently, soo…

Its also nearly 3 years old, with one two votes, and lack of detail. This one has a lot more detail.

Obviously, it’s up to the mods, but I’d imagine that this one would stay.

Edit: I actually just flagged the other topic. We’ll see which one stays!



I did a search for the livery but couldn’t find one. My bad

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This looks interesting! It’s similar to Swiss’s People livery. I’ll see if I can spare a vote for this.

@MrMrMan you just threw the hashtag in lol



Is it ok if I bump my own feature request?

It depends on. I would say bumping it for no reason is not an option, if there is any vital info you’d like to add on your livery request or the airline the livery is for then sure, but just saying: VOTE, I need votes, Pls vooote…, well, that is a nope…

But every few months you could post a post explaining a bit more about the livery and/or add something to your main post, take a citation from Wikipedia and post it, could work, maybe once every 2 months, just not too often and don’t let the bump be a blunt post that does not add anything valueble or reasonable to the request :)

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Every two months? I thought two weeks was okay.

I gave my personal preference of how I like to see a request bumped up, although 2 months may be a bit too much, I don’t like seeing a feature request bumped every month when it’s picking up any audience, I hope you understand what I mean.

2 weeks would work too, but what would that bring to the table every two weeks. If the OP is able to provide good content in his post every 2 weeks then sure, bump it twice a month, and that would surely catch the eyes of more people, though people will vote based on their preference not how often it is visible on the top of main page, even though that’s the best way to catch the reader eye and make them interested in the topic.

In the end it’s up to each individual how often they want to bump it, but just not too often, that’s the general, sort of rule you could say.


I voted! hope it comes in 20.2😍

yes good livery it is better than normal air china

Voted! This is absolutely an amazing livery, it would be awesome to fly to and from China in this livery!