Air China (B-6521) - 737-800


With this weeks Expert ATC being in Beijing and other parts of china, i saw that we are actually missing a lot of Chinese airlines in the medium haul area. For example we only have the Air China A319! No A320’s, no A321’s and no 737’s in any Chinese liveries.

So my request is the 737-800 Air China, registration B-6521. I think it looks stunning! Air China currently have 120 737-800’s which in my opinion is quite a lot. To read more about Air China i will link their Wikipedia page.

So if you like the livery as much as i do, please vote and we may get it into IF!


Wiki Link - Air China - Wikipedia

As a Chinese, I agree.
Air China sucks. So no votes for me. Maybe China Eastern is the better solution.


Ahahaahhahaha, well, I wouldn’t know cause I’m British a haven’t actually flown with any Chinese airline.

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I agree we need a China eastern 772


Thank you! I fly on that every month or so, we NEED it!
Also, a 77W


I think the idea counts more about the actual livery, I would just like to see more Chinese airlines on the 737! If that’s China Southern, Eastern or Air China. I just liked the Air China livery.

You are right, and this livery is really nice

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Thanks, it was just that this weeks ATC really emphasised this point to me.

And what about the 7377?
That’s air china I guess…

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We do have an Air China 737-700, but it’s in some weird livery that is not the normal one.

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I quite like the current livery in IF on the 737-700.

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