Air China Airbus A350-941

Air China A350-941 (B-1085)


Image taken by Chen Chao via

Air China is an airline based out of Beijing Capital Airport and it’s secondary hub Shanghai. They fly to many places in China and across the world including Germany, Spain, United States, Brazil and etc. Also, Air China is a major Chinese airline apart of Star Alliance. Currently Air China has 8 A350-900s in service and 2 on order. Some destinations with their A350 are Beijing-Frankfurt, Beijing-Munich, Beijing-Milan, Beijing-London (Heathrow), and Shanghai-Milan.

I’d personally like to see this livery because the blue stripes and the red logo on the tail just pops. Also I’d like to do some nice long haul routes into or out from China since it is a beautiful country. This would be another dream A350 livery to have in the game.

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Thanks for reading and if you like it please comment or even greater hit it with a vote!

I really love the Air China livery, and the A350 makes it look even better. I’m out of votes, but you have my 100% support!


Air China livery needs to be on more aircraft in IF. It is an absolutely outstanding livery and service from some of the worlds most important hubs, Beijing and Shanghai.

The A359 with Air China livery looks gorgeous and should very much he considered when adding the preliminary liveries to the A359 upon release :)


@Altaria55 thank you for the support!

@Captain_JR also thank you for the support ;D. I also agree, to see more Chinese liveries would be amazing! I’d fly to China a lot more often!


I’m thinking Beijing. It is one the most major political, cargo (trade) and business/tourism travel hubs around the world. The amount of traffic not only Beijing but also Shanghai and even Guangzhou plus Shenzhen sees annually is staggering numbers that are ever increasing. Having more Chinese liveries would allow us to have a bit more freedom and fun in sort of role playing and acting as if these full packed flights of holiday makers and business men/women flying to China from EUR and USA.

Let me put this in my hold-on-to-vote list and I’ll see if I can prioritize this one to have my next vote ;)


Voted! I agree with JR that we need a more Air China liveries.


Same for me!


Thanks for the vote @anon7075715

Also thanks for the support!


Cool video from Airbus on how the Air China A350 was made!


Bump since the -900 is confirmed!

I think IF could use some more Chinese liveries!


Added my vote. Really need this livery


Thanks for it. And yes we really do need this livery!

Hopefully we can see more Chinese liveries coming with the A350!


Since liveries are starting to be shown hopefully we could get a peak of this one?! :D

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Final push! Hopefully we get this livery in 19.4!

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Air China, Let’s Fly The Final Mile Into 19.4 🥳

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Added my vote! I always enjoy flying long hauls in and out of China! Let’s get this ✈️


Thanks a lot!

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Support. But I am out of votes. I’ve already voted for the Air China A359’s Star Alliance livery and the Expo 2019 livery.

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