Air China A330 Flight Recap

Here is the recap from my flight of Beijing to Sydney on Air China’s Airbus A330-300. Hope you enjoy these photos!

Flight Information

Flight Time: 10:27h
Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: A330-300

Waiting at the gates at Beijing!

Ro-ta-taé! We are bound for SYD!!

Cursing over Indonesia! 👀

Made it over Australia!

Touchdown at Sydney!

Which photo was your favorite? I hope you liked all of them!!

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ah! i see your a person of taste
Nice pics!


Nice shots, that’s so cool that Air China A333 got added , it’s one of the best looking A333 and one of the most important livery for real (imo), nice that it’s receiving some love !

Let’s hope that you’ll be able to do the same with Air China A359 one day if it gets added…

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Sunset or sunrise?

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It was a sunrise landing! :)

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Looks great :D

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