Air China A330-300

Let Air China have another chance in the Long haul fleet take it or leave it (77W was our chance but lost so its A330 Time)

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Need this iconic livery on the A330 🤩🤩

We need this! Air China has 28 of them and they connect China to big cities all over the world!

Yay they really do go to underrated parts of China

yes I know some are operated by the -200 but who knows

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I’ll try to free a vote, I really want to do PEK-GVA , it’s done by A332 , but anyways It would be a real flight operated by A330 of AirChina !

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-300 would also do (if you don’t persue extreme realism lol)

honestly, if one more Air China is left out I don’t know if it will see something else ahead, Asia I think the one that has more companies operating the A330, this is very necessary


While we cannot vote for this beautiful bird (due to IFC rules), we can advocate for it! First delivered to us in 2006, and since then we have accumulated a beautiful fleet of 28 Airbus A330-300’s. With the addition of this aircraft, we get the amazing convenience of flying between domestic destinations such as Chengdu, Kunming, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Beijing, and more!

These unique domestic destinations aren’t the only awesome places we fly our A330-300’s to! Take a trip to Paris for some wine, Frankfurt for some Schnitzel, Sydney to visit the Harbour Bridge, Vienna, Austria to take in the sounds of the cities classical music background, or how about a hop to Athens to see the origin of the Olympics (Which we are the proud carrier of the 2022 Beijing Olympics). The world and China opens up with the addition of the Air China A330-300, vote for it today!


It is very imperative that this livery gets added to the game!

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Very beautiful livery, lets hope we get it!

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Subtly bumping this beautiful aircraft, really hoping for it be added with the rework. 🤞

totally was not hired to bump threads that benefit air china virtual


I want to fly this aircraft into Lhasa (one of the highest airports in the world) since its by the himalayas


This Livary must be added to enjoy flying in it.

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