Air China 747-8 Error

The Air China 747-8 has a livery problem, the AIR CHINA, 中國國際航空公司 and the Chinese flag should be a lot bigger. The registration is also wrong, that’s not belong to a 747-8.

This is the real Air China 747-8 B-2479
Please fix this bug
Thank you Developers for your effort!


This is not a bug and really livery fixes are the least concerning thing to be in a support category.

Nice catch! I didn’t know it was an error. If it is bothering you, why not make a feature request about fixing it? (In the future?)

Good catch. I’m sure there will be a massive livery fix soon


Yeah great catch! Air China is one of my favorite airlines

But you should move this to the features category when you are TL 2 as this isn’t really relevant under support.

If it’s an error, it belongs in #support.

Thanks for the report. It’s probably not a priority, but i will have the developers look at it.