Air China 747-400 B2447 (Presidential Plane) Mystery

First of, I apologize if this title is misleading. I could not think of a better one.

I hopped on to FR24 and I see an Air China plane North of Mozambique, I click on it and it is the Presidential 747-400 going from Addis Ababa to Unknown, it doesn’t say. What I can tell you it came from Beijing and flew direct to Addis Ababa. At the time of writing this post they are East of FQLC, I believe they are flying UM310>VBR>UM307>UQ2 then the WIV4A approach into the 03R X CI03R arrival.

Now this plane is heading to Beira if it is flying the UM310 airway, then it could possibly be transiting over Beira, to the UM307 which is direct to FAOR, Johannesburg. They could have taken a more direct route to JNB from ADD.

My hopes are that they do come to JNB, because then I will be on my way to spot them. Air China does have a direct service with the 777-300ER, but it lands early in the morning, usually on days that don’t work for me. Even though I always do it to catch the arrivals from all over, as that is usually when the heavies come.

From what I can see she is quite a rare bird and doesn’t fly to often, so this will be a gem for me to catch.

Does anyone know how to check where this plane is going too?

Thanks for the help!


Can you link me the plane on FR24?

Nevermind found it. :)

I believe it just disappeared from radar. Cant find it.

Very Interesting! Probably Johannesburg, Pretoria Or Cape Town, It Was Heading That Direction When I Checked

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Flight aware didn’t show it at all. 😂 Hoping it comes back.

@Jacko_Inc I hope it comes to JNB! Pretoria can’t handle to plane. And Cape Town Can.

If it does are you gonna go to the airport to spot it? If so maybe you should go just in case (if you have time)

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It is back on FR24. It is only flying at 15,000 ft and not descending.

Where is it? Cant find it

It was near Swaziland but I just saw it disappear.

Weird, wonder why it keeps disappearing like that.

By the way just found this Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map what on earth is the plane doing???

Wow yeah that is weird 😂😂nice find probably should get back on topic but yeah nice

I believe it landed at Maputo, Mozambique

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Illuminati confirmed.

Nah it’s possible it just wasn’t on radar. There are some parts of the world that are dead spots completely.

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Landed in Maputo! Hoping it comes down to Jo’burg…

Playback is broken

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