Air Century CRJ-200

Hello friends, this is a new application for my colleagues from the Dominican Republic.

Air Century is a local and international air transport company founded in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in March 1992 by the pilot Omar Chahin, current president. It offers its air services from its current base at the La Isabela International Airport in Santo Domingo.

Copyright: Wolfgang Kaiser

The airline has 12 destinations in 15 countries, I know that my fellow pilots would like to have airlines that represent them, since they currently do not have Dominican airlines, this could be one.

We hope for your support as a united community to vote for this application that I am making at the request of a fellow Dominican who is not yet able to apply.

Wow I love this livery!!


What ever @Wonderousbuilder641 I must agree to because this Livery is freaking awesome


Really awesome!!!

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Yes Please!

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Oooh the black!

I would love to have this one!