Air Caraïbes Miss-Spelling

A small issue to report today, it looks like IF does not recognise special characters, such as the “ ï ” in Air Caraïbes‘s name, therefore putting strange symbols instead of the “ ï ” instead.

Picture to show what I’m talking about (notice the name of the airline is weirdly written).



  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Select “Fly Online” or “Fly Solo”.
  3. Select the “Cessna 208 Caravan” in the aircrafts selection.
  4. Select the “Air Caraïbes” in the option and notice the weird spelling.

Equipment, followed by the operating system:

  • iPhone X, running iOS 11.0
  • iPad Pro, running iOS 11.4

Obviously this issue is very minor, but once again, its another bug the devs can squash!

Hey! I’m pretty certain that this is a known issue, but I agree it would be nice to see fixed. Thanks!

As Riley said. ;)

Haven’t seen a topic on it, despite searching. If it’s somewhere there, I guess could be a nice reminder! If it’s out there, the topic can be closed.

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Oh right… not a very descriptive topic title - no wonder I didn’t find it!

I guess the topic can be closed then, appologies for not searching further. :)