Air Caraïbes ATR 72-212A(600)

Picture by @william

Hello IFC, I’m asking for the wonderful Air Caraïbes livery to be added to the ATR if or when it eventually comes. I think the livery that Air Caraïbes uses is very beautiful and it could use more attention in IF as we currently have no aircraft that have a Air Caraïbes livery that they still operate.

Air Caraïbes:
Air Caraïbes was formed when the need for a regional airline for the French Caribbean was immense. Founded in July of 2000, it was a merger of 4 different airlines. Its main base is at Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport (TFFR) on the island of Grande-Terre. The currently have 2 ATR 72-600s in service with another on order.

About the ATR 72:
The ATR 72 is a short-haul, twin turboprop airliner developed by Airbus and Aeritalia. Its name is based off of its standard seating configuration of 72 passengers. It entered service on October 27, 1989 with Finnair and it is still in use today by many airlines.

I agree we need more turboprops

WAAAW that’s a generous livery

thx for the shot ;)


Is it me or the tail looks a little like Canabis
For a sec I thought it was air canabis 😂


Are you serious ?!?!

the canabis leaf looks more like a star than this

what ever…

Lol with the name and all

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