Air Caraïbes | Airbus A330-300


I know you really love this livery @william , so free a vote for it an removing another airplane which can be released yet would be a clever idea ahah,


This livery is beautiful! I loved adding it to the A350. If the A330 is reworked, I hope the Devs will consider this painting on the A333 as well.


yes I do
I voted for it already, no problem

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@snopartz Here is the thread you asked me in PM , feel free to vote for it then :p

I love the livery as much as the one on the A350. But I don’t think this should be a priority because I never see somebody touch the A350 livery, so I doubt this will be used

I fly with it all the time :P

Also, I have done a topic, if anyone would like to see their new livery on the A330-300. You may check it on my “featured topic” 😄