Air Caraïbes | Airbus A330-200

Request is for the A330-200 -

The Airline:
Air Caraïbes is a French airline and is the regional airline of the French Caribbean. It operates scheduled and charter services serving 13 islands in the West Indies. It also operates transatlantic flights to Paris under the Air Caraïbes Atlantique brand. The airline consists of 12 aircraft with another 6 on order (A350, ATR 72)

There are currently 6 A330’s in the Air Caraïbes fleet (2 A332’s, 4 A333’s)

Currently In Infinite Flight:
The C208 in the Air Caraïbes livery is in infinite flight.

Where does it fly?
The Air Caraïbes A330’s do flights from Paris to the Island of the Caribbean and South America:

The destinations: All From Paris Orly (ORY)
Sint Maarten (SXM)
Santo Domingo (SDQ)
Santiago de Cuba (SCU)
San Salvador Island (ZSA)
Punta Cana (PUJ)
Port au Prince (PAP)
Pointe-a-Pitre (PTP)
Havana (HAV)
Fort-de-France (FDF)
Cayenne (CAY)

Photo Credits: Melvin Debono

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The livery reminds me of the Helios livery for some reason, beautiful livery though 👍


I LOVE the Air Caraibes livery! It look so bright and inviting! I hope it is added! :)

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This is a good post. It has a lot of information! Have my vote

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Ooh, looks nice and tropical. We need a rework for this

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Just to confirm, this request and Air Caraïbes | Airbus A330-300 are two different requests.

This one is requesting the Airbus A330-200 and the other is a request for the A330-300 (I already got people asking why there are two of the same… :)

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We should really get a reworked A330…

…and this beauty with it ;)

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The A330 is a great plane as is, and this livery adds great detail to it. I’d love to see this in the sim.

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A wonderful livery that matches excellent with the airlines name and its destinations. They’ve also received their first A350 recently, would be worth it to take this in consideration when the A350 is added somewhere in the future.

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Yes, but the A350 in IF could take a couple of years


Would really like to see this livery added it would be nice for flights over to PAP Haiti

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Go vote on this one as until a Rework comes… This won’t be added as the variant isn’t in the simulator



The Hotel Uniform Bravo (F-HHUB) looks good also. prefer this one personnally
better than the Foxtrot Delta Foxtrot (F-OFDF)

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