Air Caraïbes A330-300

I think that this plane should be added in a possible A330 rework
(Not my Photo)

Please provide credit to the owner of the photo!

Other than that, I like the livery!


Whenever they comfirm the a350 I will definitely request the Air Caribies a350

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The Air Caraibes A350 has been requested, but the request is over 3 months old.


Please be sure to search before posting. This is a duplicate topic.

Thank you. :)


I knew this was requested before, but searched and couldn’t find it :/

Same here searched Air Caribies before and said no results

I think you spelled Caraibes wrong, that’s why it’s not showing up.

Still don’t show up for me

Searched and it showed up!

Got it now had to leave and come back on for some reason