Air Caraïbes A330-300 - New Livery

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

I wanted to request this livery for our next update, which will include the rework of the Airbus A330-300.

The livery I’m asking for is the Air Caraïbes A330-300 new livery, which has been rolled out to all of their fleet by November 2020.

I honestly think this livery looks simply amazing, being my favorite one ever; and it would be awesome to have it added into Infinite Flight, allowing for more realistic routes to be made.



Air Caraïbes is a french airline based in Guadaloupe, in the Caribbean, and offers daily flights to connect main-land France with its overseas territories. It was founded back in the year 2000 by a bunch of smaller airlines who merged themselves into one solid company and since then, has been one of the main airlines to offer flights from Europe to the Caribbean.


I think this livery should be added as it adds a bit more of diversity into our flight simulator. Currently, we don’t have many airlines from the Antilles, and I think this livery would help with that. Also, as I stated before, this livery is magnificent and, with the A330-300, Air Caraïbes’ real fleet would be almost complete, with the exception of the ATR 72-500 and -600.


Thank you for reading my topic about adding this gorgeous livery into Infinite Flight. If you liked it and would be interested in flying it once we get our next update, please consider pressing on that blue button that says “Vote”.

Have a great day and safe flights to you! :)

That is a different livery, there is a big difference between the two

I’m sorry, but it’s not. They asked for the old livery on that topic, while I’m asking for the new one.


Ahh. I’m sorry about that. Didn’t know there were 2 liverys

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It’s okay :)

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One of the most beautiful liveries, in my opinion. I plan to vote for it sometime. I hope it comes in v21.1.


AAAAhhhhh perfect !! Here is a better picture of the first to be painted like this , the F-OONE taken by me
You can use it as initial picture for the request


Aslo my Fav’ livery aswel, I’ve flown on it, never those feelings

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Wow! That picture is breath-taking! I’ll be using it as the initial one!

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@snopartz vote for your favourite here too :p

Voted! Looking forward to flying with this livery. ✅


That’s great to hear! 😀

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Would def love to see this livery at SXM 😱


Just voted ! It’s absolutely one of my favourites livery ! 😊


Here another fantastic shot of that wonderful livery , also existing as F-OONE

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