Air Canada | YYC-YVR | Airbus A319

Hey IFC and Merry Christmas!
I had an awesome flight today. I have been wanting to do this short flight for a while but have always had other things to do. Haven’t y’all had one of those flights, where it sounds really fun but you always have another flight or event that you need to do instead? If so say it in the comments. Alright! Here are the details.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Air Canada 201
Finally! Here are the pictures.
Load up and pushback

Gear up!

Climbing up past calgary

Up over the Canadian Rockies

What an incredible airplane

Descent into Vancouver

And flaring for landing.

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Those mountains (Canadian Rockies) in Canada never get old, they still look great!

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I know I went there once with my family and they were incredible. Just barely beats Montana’s mountains though. Glacier national park kicks butt.

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Wait… we have the Air Canada A320? 😂 I have been waiting for this for years, and didn’t even notice it.


Nice. Another Calgary flight, I thought I was the only one that was insane. Thank you for saving Canada’s True Identity.


The mountains in Alaska’s southern panhandle are stunning too. I recommend it for anyone who wants to travel there. Glacier park, though I’ve never been, is awesome! I’ve been close to it on a fishing trip before, it’s was cool.

Let’s take this to a PM if we feel like continuing the conversation.

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It is the A319. We still don’t have the A320


He’s joking.


Yeah sorry I meant the A319 we don’t have the AC320

SHHHHH, they will never know.

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The first photo has beautiful editing!

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I was typing this as an earthquake happened. Anyways you choose the best route. I did this route in real life couple days ago and done this route with multiple airlines. Great photos 😍