Air Canada Virtual’s 1 Year Anniversary | Coming Together @CYYZ | 132100ZJAN19

Official Air Canada Virtual Event


Welcome to Air Canada Virtual’s 1 Year Anniversary Event! We’re happy to be spending 1 Year here on the IFC, and are excited to bring you a newly thought out event different from our past events!

Please note - Aircraft can change depending on the route

Flight Details

You will leave your airport at your assigned time so you can arrive around the same time as everyone else. If there is an issue with your assigned departure time, please pm @natedog508 and myself (@Xpira) and we will discuss what to do.

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Chosen aircraft
Livery - Any Air Canada Livery

Departure Airport - Hometown Airport [XXXX]

Arrival Airport - Toronto Pearsons International [CYYZ]

Date - Sunday 13th, 2018 [1/13/19]

Arrival Time - 2019-01-13T21:00:00Z

How To Submit a Flight

Flight Time
Departing Airport [Home Airport]
Local Timezone

Your departure airport can be from anywhere!

Departure Procedures

Departure Airport/Time: Person: Aircraft
KOKC 1900Z/1300CST @Xpira B738
KLAX 1700Z/0900PST @natedog508 B789
CYHZ 1900Z/1500AST @CR3W CRJ9
KMFR 1600Z/0800PST @AIDAN101 A321
CYYC 1715Z/1015MST @shane_cullen DC10
CYEG 1715Z/1015MST @mason_andrews A321
KDEN 1800Z/1100MST @MrMrMan A321
KIAD 2000Z/XXXXEST @jeromej CRJ200
CYXX 1500Z/0700PST @smartyzyt B747
KTPA 1830Z/1330EST @will_ford_jr A321
CYYJ 1800Z/1000PST @Rynjil_H A321
SKBO 1530Z/1030EST @PedroG B767
ZSPD 0800Z/1600CST(INTL) @ACVA206 B777
TNCM 1530Z/1030EST @fly_boii31 737
CYYZ 2000Z/XXXX @IFaviationeldin CRJ200
CYHZ 1900Z/1500AST @21cabbage CRJ9
XXXX Empty Empty
XXXX Empty Empty
XXXX Empty Empty
XXXX Empty Empty
XXXX Empty Empty
XXXX Empty Empty

More gates can be added if necessary

You do not need to be in ACVA to participate on this event!

Departing Notams

Everyone will use the following speeds and cruise levels


Under 10k feet, 240KIAS
Above 10k feet, 310KIAS
At cruise, Mach .83


If flying to the west, cruise at FL320 @ Mach .83
If flying to the east, cruise at FL330 @ Mach .83

Arrival Notams

We will be using runways 23, 24R and 24L for landing. Please be aware of your surroundings before you are established on the ILS/GPS.

See below for ATC and Parking procedures

ATC Procedures

There will be no ATC. Pilots will need to rely on Unicom for communication. Please be proper while using Unicom and be smart when you are entering for a sequence. All we ask is that you aware of your surroundings!


Parking will be to the right of runway 24R. Make sure to make your exit to avoid traffic issues.


Check Us Out!


Air Canada Virtual Airline is not responsible for any violations received during the event.

Thanks to DLVA for letting us use their event idea! You can visit their thread here and their awesome events manager here.


Flight Time: Approx 4-5 hours
Likely 789, or A321
Local time zone is Los Angeles time

I’ll probably be recording, or broadcasting the event to YouTube


I love the sound of this!



@Shane_Cullen & @Shane_Cullen:

Xpira will add you both to the list tomorrow morning. Thanks for signing up :)



I will check the flight times and input your names later this afternoon!

Great job, @Xpira! I can’t wait to see who else signs up! Got 2 more days everyone :)

I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to make it, but I sure hope so! I’ll grab a gate if I can.

Thanks for the kind comment about me. ;)

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I can put you down for now. If you want to back out later, that’s fine.

What is your home airport, and your proffered aircraft @MrMrMan ?

Ill attend

Flight time: 1 hour
Departing Airport: KIAD Washington Dulles
Aircraft: Crj-200
Local Timezone: Eastern, New York (EST)

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Count me in ACVA165 hometown airport is CYXX and aircraft of choice is the amazing 747-200

AIRCRAFT- 747-200
FLIGHT TIME- 4-5 Hours
Timezone- PST Vancouver

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Just a reminder for all applying, when we ask for your local timezone, we mean the timezone which the Airport you’re departing is located.

Ex: I live in Halifax, and if I were to depart from Ottawa for the Event, I would put down my local timezone and Eastern Standard Time, NOT Atlantic Standard Time :)

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Flight Time - 2hr 30 min
Departing Airport [Home Airport] - KTPA
Aircraft - A321
Local Timezone - EST

Mach .83 is too fast for A321

Departure Time - 1800Z/10:00PST
Departing Airport [Home Airport] - CYYJ
Aircraft - A321
Local Timezone - PST

I’ve added myself. Looking forward to this one! :)

Sorry for applying again.

Airport of departure: SKBO
Flight time: 5:30 to 6:00
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
Local time zone: EST, New York

Flight Time - 13-14 hrs
Departing Airport [Home Airport] - ZSPD-Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Aircraft - B777-300
Local Timezone - China Standard Time

@JeromeJ, @SmartyzYT, @Will_Ford_Jr, @Rynjil_H, @PedroG, @ACVA206

You have been added. If your local time was X out it has been updated. Please make sure I did my math correct and your times are right. (Subtract flight time from end time)

It’s good to see you back Will :)


Airport of departure: TNCM
Flight time: 5:30 to 6:00
Aircraft: 737-800
*Local time zone EST, New York