Air Canada Virtual | Official Thread // Fil officiel

Do you know what’s awesome about ACVA besides its amazing thread, pilots, and staff? They’re partners with us! Connecting China to Canada is now a breeze with codeshares with Air Canada Virtual!

Thank you for being a great partner!



ACVA is one of the best VAs out there the staff are so nice and welcoming!


Hi there, I may have sent 3 applications, somehow they duplicated. My third one is my latest one. Please ignore the first two.

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Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll go off that one :)



Looking forward to joining! Just a reminder that my latest application is my official one.


I’m still waiting for my Reply to join this wonderful Canadian fleet!!

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👋 Hey Bud @Pajd02 ! Trying to join this VA
How’s it been? Nice to see you here.

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Yeah ! @JulietTango Your Here Too!! Excellent


ACVA is a great VA! Can’t wait for you to join 😉


It’s been good! Glad to see you joining’


Awesome thread, applied and waiting on response!

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Hope you accept me !

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I might have to apply 👀

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Looking as good as ever guys!


Thanks, Sean!

The whole reason ACVA is where it is today is because of what you did 2, almost 3 years ago.



Congratulations to all for the great achievement.👏🏼👏🏼😃🇨🇦

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Want to join!

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Since the very beginning of 2018, Nate. W proudly led this VA into its future. ACVA has been so lucky to call Nate our President. Unfortunately, every journey must come to an end. That’s why as of December 7th, 2020, @natedog508 has stepped down as President of Air Canada Virtual. For nearly 3 years, Nate never let go of his connection with ACVA. The following statement was released by Nate himself:

Pilots & Friends,

Nearly 3 years ago, Sean and I had founded this virtual airline. Over these years we have seen many highs including IFVARB Summit appearances, Core-6 event series appearances, and over 500 active members!! I am fortunate enough to have had a lending hand in all of this. However, it is time I land my plane and depart as a staff member of this established virtual airline. I thank you all for your dedication and will to make this place the best it can be and I hope you continue doing so as time goes on! Evan (@CR3W) has been given the duty and privilege to take command of this VA! Evan, treat it well. I know you will! Stay safe and I’ll see you in the skies.

– Nate. W, Former President of Air Canada Virtual

Staff Changes

As noted above, Nate will be stepping down as President, so @CR3W will be stepping into the role, previously as Deputy President.

With Evan (CR3W) stepping up, the Deputy President has been left open. But with quick consideration, @flyinggoosey has been offered the job as the new Deputy President without hesitation!

@Pajd02 has decided it’d be best for him to move to a role more suitable for his time table. So with discussions complete, Patrick will remain on the staff team as a Support Staff member.

Since Patrick has moved, the Events Manager position needed to be filled. @Campusgod took up the role and will now be conducting internal and external events, along with ROTWs within slack.

For reference, here is the staff list as it stands:

That’s all for now! And for the last time, thank you, Nate for everything you’ve done! We all will miss you


Wow Nate, it was amazing working with you! Hope future endeavors are amazing! 😭 ~Ex ACVA Staff.

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Hey how long does it take for a application to be processed?

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