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Heyy! Feel free to fill out an application for the VA and I’ll reach out to you via PM soon!

Thanks, JulietTango

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I would love to join ACVA once I turn 15yrs old :)


We look forward to welcoming you when your special day arrives!

President & CEO
Air Canada Virtual


Is it possible I could please rejoin, I can even do a checkride?


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Hello everyone/Bonjour à tous,

Today, Alexander, Deputy President of Air Canada Virtual, announced ACVA’s new Career Mode which will be in full operation on Sunday, 1 May 2022 at 11:59 PM PT. Pilots will have a selection of routes to fly in order for a two (2) week period. Pilots who successfully complete all given routes in order will be gifted bonus hours for their dedication to the program.

To join Career Mode, pilots are required to be at or above the rank of First Officer, which is between 25 and 100 hours.

We look forward to the full launch of Career Mode, and are excited to bring more realism to our offerings here at Air Canada Virtual.

Read this update message in French | Lire ce message de mise à jour en français

Aujourd’hui, Alexander, Président adjoint d’Air Canada Virtual, a annoncé le nouveau mode Carrière d’ACVA qui sera pleinement opérationnel le dimanche 1er mai 2022 à 23h59 PT. Les pilotes auront une sélection d’itinéraires à parcourir pendant une période de deux (2) semaines. Les pilotes qui terminent avec succès tous les itinéraires donnés dans l’ordre recevront des heures bonus pour leur dévouement au programme.

Pour rejoindre le mode Carrière, les pilotes doivent être au niveau ou au-dessus du grade de premier officier, qui se situe entre 25 et 100 heures.

Nous attendons avec impatience le lancement complet du mode Carrière et sommes ravis d’apporter plus de réalisme à nos offres ici à Air Canada Virtual.

ACVA Website | Pilot Application | IFVARB


We’re pleased to have executed FOUR new codeshare agreements with great partners, both as regular partners, and as part of the Star Alliance (Virtual) Network - coming soon.

Thank to our partners, @Ethiopian_Virtual, @NewZealandVirtual, and @VirginGroupVA for the opportunity to expand the horizon, and enhance the experience each VA has to offer.

Full Codeshare Breakdown
Virtual Airlines Number of Aircraft Number of Routes
Ethiopian Virtual 1 4
White Cloud Virtual 2 10
Virgin Virtual Group 2 10
Middle East Airlines 1 4

*All Information above is subject to change per real-world changes to the codeshare agreement.

ACVA Website | Pilot Application | IFVARB


Morning could some one contact me for a maybe codeshare!


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⚠️ Crew Centre accounts for inactive members ⚠️

In an effort to reduce the amount of accounts on our Crew Centre, ACVA will begin permanently deleting accounts that fall under a set criteria list provided below. Pilots may choose between now and 31 July 2022 to rejoin and save their seniority in the VA.

If your account…

  • Has been created on or before March 31, 2022; and
  • Has under 5 hours

The account will be deleted if the criteria is fulfilled.

Pilots who choose not to rejoin will be required to redo their application, and retake our entry exam. Currently, those who have left ACVA, may return with all previous stats returned to them, and no reapplication or written exam is required.

Thank you,
Air Canada Virtual Administration

Read this message in French | Lire ce message en français

⚠️ Comptes Crew Centre pour les membres inactifs ⚠️

Dans le but de réduire le nombre de comptes sur notre Crew Centre, l’ACVA commencera à supprimer définitivement les comptes qui relèvent d’une liste de critères définis ci-dessous. Les pilotes peuvent choisir entre maintenant et le 31 juillet 2022 de rejoindre et de conserver leur ancienneté dans la VA.

Si votre compte…

  • A été créé au plus tard le 31 mars 2022 ; et
  • A moins de 5 heures

Le compte sera supprimé si les critères sont remplis.

Les pilotes qui choisissent de ne pas se réinscrire devront refaire leur demande et repasser notre examen d’entrée. Actuellement, ceux qui ont quitté l’ACVA peuvent revenir avec toutes les statistiques précédentes, et aucune nouvelle demande ou examen écrit n’est requis.

Administration d’Air Canada Virtual


Great thread, you guys are amazing!


Thank you for the kind words @Aeronaut! We look forward to welcoming you sometime in the near future!

Pilot Manager
Air Canada Virtual


I sent in an application about a month ago, no response any reason why?


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Planning to apply in a few days, can’t wait!


Hello @Aiden_Hodges! Your application is currently under review. We will be reaching out to you shortly.


Pilot Manger
Air Canada Virtual


Great Thread Air Canada is my favourite airline

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Thank you! We appreciate your support :)

Pilot Manager
Air Canada Virtual

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Hey i applied and no response??

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Hello @Hamzaviator,

We’ll be reaching out later tonight with respect to your application. We appreciate your continued patience.

President & CEO
Air Canada Virtual


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Greetings, community members!

Today, we’re bringing you an update on Air Canada Virtual, including some exciting new things, changes, and more. Please see below for a complete list.

Staff Changes

Today, we’re announcing some staff changes to further improve our offerings at Air Canada Virtual. We’re pleased to welcome @co-pilot-goosey (KeAnn) to the Events Manager position! KeAnn brings a new-found passion to the team, with a head full of ideas and a true love for events and community engagement.

We’re also pleased to announce that @TorontoFlyer will be moving from the Flight Manager role to the Executive Management team role of Codeshares & Relations! This role is a very important one at ACVA, and we couldn’t ask for a better person to fulfil it.

Alongside Stefan, @JulietTango will be taking Stefan’s old position as the new Flight Manager! JT has been an invaluable asset, and continues to work hard to ensure our core flight operations remain.

With this addition, we’re also sad to announce the departure of @AviatorJake and @Krypton. They both have worked tirelessly to fulfil their duties as the Events Manager and Codeshares & Relations roles, respectively, and we’re beyond lucky to have had them on our team. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

For a full staff breakdown, please see the dropdown below.

Staff Summary
Name Role
@Evan President & CEO
@flyinggoosey Deputy President
@TorontoFlyer Codeshares & Relations
@JulietTango Flight Manager
@co-pilot-goosey Events Manager
@FireCracker Pilot Manager

New Codeshare Agreement

We’re extremely pleased to announce that we have secured a new codeshare agreement with @EgyptairVirtual, further opening up the African and Middle Eastern market. This agreement offers ACVA pilots 25 new routes, including return. We thank Egyptair Virtual for their cooperation in making this partnership happen, and look forward to seeing where it goes next.

Changes to Recruitment

Effective immediately, our application form will now be requiring google sign-in, to prevent spam of the form. While all applications are legitimate, we want to make sure we can get in contact with users first before retaking the test. Do not worry; your email is not shared with us.

Coming Soon: Air Canada Virtual 5 Year Anniversary Special

That’s all we have right now. Be sure to check back as our team continues to improve on the virtual airline, now with a fresh look!

ACVA Website | Pilot Application | IFVARB