Air Canada Virtual Official: Recruiting Pilots

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The ACVA has recently done a major inactivity check and are now cracking down on our inactive members. We also are happy to announce that we will be attending the IFVARB Summit! We have also added a map of some of our pilots locations, based on city not address, just to show you all how worldwide we are! You can view that map on our “Where Are We” page on our website which can be found at the top of our thread. Last week we also had our first Star Virtual event which went great. At most, their were 33 pilots participating! Last but not least, while writing this post we just received our 250th applicant! Awesome to see how fast we have grown in the past few months and we cant wait to see where we end up. See you in the skies.
-ACVA Staff Team


I would like to join Air Canada Virtual!!


And we’d love to have you here!
Have you filled out an application form?

Hey there! Thank you for your interest. If you’d like to apply click the website i’ll link at the end and press the button “Pilot Applications.” Once you do a member will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Ok thank you so much!!


Air Canada Virtual Airlines Takes On FlightSimExpo Charters!

Come Join Us!


We have not 1, but 2 awesome events you should check out!

The first one is our first and long waited, landing competition! We will fly from Montreal and land at Toronto, where you will be graded. For more information click the link below.

[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Butter Alert [Landing Competition] @ CYUL - 161700ZJUN18

Our next event is a first of 4 flight with 6 awesome va's. The va's are the ACVA, AAV, AFKLM, BAVA, DLVA and UVA. The event is scheduled to have more than 200+ pilots and we are going to be having IFATC for the event as we don't want it to get too hectic. Click the link below this for the first Core-6 Event.

[Completed - 100+ Attended] Core-6 Joint Event | #1 | NEW YORK - LONDON @ KJFK - 011500ZJUL18

Last but not least, we finally completed our inactivity check. We were saddened to see that 83 pilots were inactive, but we looked at the bright side. We have 96 active pilots and loads of applications we need to go over. As summer approaches and we have more free time, we are going to be adding more to the VA that will improve our pilots time in our VA. That's all from me, thank you all. -Nate ACVA Deputy President and Staff


Pilots, Staff members and indeed friends,
This decision hasn’t been easy for me at all but with effect from Wednesday the 20th of June, I will no longer be the president of Air Canada Va.
As you might know I was one of the founders of this Va back in January and I’ll I can’t say is… What an amazing Va we have built. From all nighters to arguments to nearly giving up. To think I contributed to such a wonderful community of people all here for the same reason. Its amazing and truly something I will always remember.
My Reason for leaving is short and simple. I simply don’t have enough time anymore to contribute to you guys. With school, tests and my football career I haven’t got the time you guys deserve from your president.
I can’t thank the people I’ve worked with enough, through different events, partnerships and when we needed help.
But there’s one person I want to especially thanks, and that’s you Nate. I can’t gaurente this Va would not be standing without you. Your dedication and commitment to this Va has been nothing short of amazing and I am sure that this Va will definitely flourish while your in charge.
You should see me around the IFC still so please don’t be afraid to say hello!
I want to leave the pilots and indeed to the staff with this one quote,
“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”
Slán a cháirde -Sean Hickey


I think you mean soccer* ;)

I will miss you alot Sean. All the best from me to you. Hope that you do great things in your future endeavors



Thank you Sean for everything. You messaged me out of nowhere wanting to open up a VA. After deciding between 2 or 3 different ones, Air Canada was the right choice. Thank you for always putting 100% effort into the VA. Hope for all the best in the IFC and in your “future endeavors” - @Balloonchaser



Dear Sean,
You where the first face when I encounted ACVA around three months ago you where that friendly,passonaite and helpful face upon my arrivial at ACVA.You backed me and supported me thought the highs and lows at my time of her at ACVA,
I thank you Sean for the dedication and effort you have put into this fast rising VA
I wish you the best of luck in the future and i hope you do well!


Hi there I have applied to ACVA but I still got no response can you please tell me if you rea recruiting or not?

When I told Nate a bit ago, he said that he sent a email to you

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Hmm… odd can I DM him because I did not get any email.

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New Event:

Please check out our pop up event as a thank you for our departing president, Mr. @Seanhickey465. This is a tribute to everything he has done for us and what he has set us up for us. Check the link below for the event details.


Core-6 Event Announcement


We are counting down the hours till the first leg of the Core-6 Joint Event!

Come Join Us!!!

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Photo credits: @Balloonchaser

I can't believe that it will be our 6 month anniversary this Saturday! What better way to celebrate it than with an event! It has been a great 6 months and i can't wait to see what the future has in store for the ACVA. Check out the event below!


New Thread as we can’t edit this one!: Air Canada VA | Canada's Largest VA!

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