Air Canada Virtual Official: Now Open for Business [Recruiting Pilots]

Welcome to the Air Canada Virtual Official Thread!

My fellow aviation enthusiasts I am delighted to announce the new and improved Air Canada Virtual Airline.
Check out our website for applications:

Firstly a message from our president {@Seanhickey465 }
It is my honor to present to you, this new and improved Va. My team and i have put blood, sweat, and tears into developing this va and making sure, we as a team could make your stay as comfortable as possible. I want to firstly thank my team who have put all it takes into building a va. We hope to see you in the skies soon as a proud member of ACVA.
Happy landings - Sean Hickey

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We Are IFVARB Approved4D75AA3D-D3BF-4D49-80EA-688A9B802461

“Travel, Explore, Experience; Vous voyagez, Vous explorez, Vous expérience”

Our Staff

Here at the Air Canada Virtual we have a close team of 5 on at all minutes of spear time helping out our pilots with any questions that need an answer. Our staff members have experience from multiple other VA's and this makes us very unique.

President/Recruiter ~ @Seanhickey465
Deputy President/Flight Trainer ~ @natedog508


Events Manager/Graphic Designer ~ @Balloonchaser
Hr/Social Media Manager ~ @Genius
Flight manager ~ @the777fan

Requirments to join

There are NO requirements. You can join at any Infinite Flight grade and any age. If you want to join, check out our apply page on our website.

Live Pilot Count

Updated daily, this is the current amount of pilots we have in our VA.

Pilot Count

Pilot number = 80

Ranks and Fleet

We have a fleet of 14 aircraft from all the major airplane manufactures. Whatever the route length we have the perfect aircraft for you!

Ranks and Fleets

Trainee: Upon completing training course
Bombardier Dash-8
Embraer E175
Cadet: Upon reaching 10 hours
Embraer E190
Second Officer: Upon reaching 25 hours
Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Senior Second Officer: Upon reaching 40 hours
Airbus A321
First Officer: Upon reaching 60 hours
Boeing 767-300
Airbus A330-300
Senior First Officer: Upon Reaching 90 hours**
88Boeing 777-200lr
Boeing 787-8
Captain: Upon Reaching 120 hours
Boeing 777-300er
Boeing 787-9
Senior Captain: Upon Reaching 160 hours
Boeing 747-200
McDonnell Douglas DC-10
We hope to add more ranks as more aircrafts get added to the game!


We may be a small airline but as you work up our ranks, you’ll be able to travel half way across the world. You can check out our full list of our routes on our website:


Our main form of communication is slack. Our slack channels are moderated 24 hours a day insuring things get done as quickly and safely as possible.

We Offer Flight Training

Flight Training

It is mandatory for new pilots grade 1 or 2 to take a short flight training lesson. If they need help, links and general advice can be given. If anyone grade 3,4 or 5 want to take it, they can contact our flight trainer if they’d like.


Do I need to pay for any features at all?
Nope, none at all. If someone asks for money its not us!

What are the requirements for pilots?
He at Acva we are happy to facilitate all skill levels, although if your under Grade 3 you will need to go through training before logging flights.

How active do I need to be?
A pilots must log at least one flight a week, but we’re not strict!

Is there a crew center?
There is a pilot center in the works so stay tuned for that.

Completed Events.

We have one weekly event for pilots only

Completed Events

January 21st, 2018: First Recruitment Event. Total amount of pilots; 23.

February 17th, 2019: First Exploring the North Event. Total amount of pilots; 17

Future Events

Exploring the North- Our first ever weekly event will start February 17th. These events will be open to both Air Canada Pilots along with guests. We will fly to “underused” airports in North America, but specifically Canada.

Weekly Events for Air Canada pilots only.- These events are scheduled on our slack page and are available to all of our pilots. They are held every Wednesday.

IFATS Partnerships

We are glad to announce our partnership with IFATS. We can’t wait to explore this amazing aspect of Infinite Flight!


Good luck to ACVA! Looks great!

(Woohoo another Canadian VA!)


Good luck AirCanda is pretty good can’t wait for the A350 skin when it’s released!


glad to be the first pilot


Us as well. A350 will be so nice!

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Awesome! Just submitted my application, hope to join!


A recruitment event is in the works so look forward to that!
All the best -Air Canada Va

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This Va has great potential! I submitted my application!


Glad to see Canada and Air Canada being used in Infinite Flight! Hopefully this means we will see more air traffic up north ;)


On the form it says what past experience do you have. Does that mean with like other va’s. I’m applying now

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yes, all staff members came from another va!

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Ok thanks a lot. I hope I am successful with my application

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me too. Let me know when you apply and ill check your response. - @natedog508

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I just applied for Air Canada VA

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cool. Ill go check it out


I wish the best of luck to Air Canada Virtual.
Maybe a collaboration event some day? :)


some day for sure! Let’s keep in touch


I feel Sorry that your VA was stressful to make. Am considering joining!


Great to see another VA up in the skies. Best of luck!

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Staff position open
A staff position has opened for our route team, check our website for more details and keep a look out. More positions to open soon!

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