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Welcome To Air Canada Virtual Airlines Official Thread

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Firstly, a message from the President himself:

Welcome to the Air Canada Virtual Airlines official thread! I have been with the ACVA since the very first day and it is my honour to lead this great VA. I have seen everything in this VA from the high moments when we thrived to the low times when we struggled. This VA has only survived the lows because of the great staff team we have. No matter your experience or timezone, ACVA welcomes you. We have a very diverse group of pilots and staff that will make you feel right at home. Thank you for taking the time to view our VA and I hope to see you in our slack soon!

ACVA President @The_Geniusman



“Travel, Explore, Experience | Voyage, Explorer, Expérience”

Air Canada Virtual Airlines was founded in January of 2018 by Sean Hickey. He brought together a team of 5 individuals from many different VA’s with many different talents. Within 5 days of opening, we had over 25 active pilots and were immediately making an impact in the community. In June of 2018, Sean decided that it was best if he moved on and put the VA in the hands of Nate. Since then, we have made many staff changes, updates & more all for the improvement of the VA’s quality by following the saying, “quality over quantity.” That is something we believe in and stick to every day as we add things to improve this VA! Now, we move onto our current President, Genius. The future awaits!

It is my honour to present to you, this new and improved VA. My team and I have put blood, sweat, and tears into developing this VA and making sure, we as a team could make your stay as comfortable as possible. I want to firstly thank my team who have put all it takes into building a VA. I’m happy to see the progress this VA has made in the past years. And I’m confident it will succeed in the years to come.
Happy landings


Founder of ACVA

Hey! Do you have any questions? We got answers! Ask questions below for a response from a staff member or click below to see our most asked Questions

What are the requirements for pilots?

At Air Canada Virtual, we are happy to facilitate all skill levels, but we ask that you are between the Grades of 3 - 5. You also must be over the age of 13

How active do I need to be?

We require pilots to log at least 1 Flight every two (2) weeks. If you can not achieve this, please message our Flight Manager as soon as possible

What do you use for communications?

We communicate through the app, Slack. The channels are moderated by our Staff constantly to ensure a clean and friendly environment.

When you start your career and adventures with Air Canada Virtual, you’ll start with our Air Canada Express Fleet, this includes our regional and USA departures aircraft. The DH8D, CRJ2 and E175 are all aircraft you can start flying with anywhere in Canada and the USA!

Image above are aircraft unlocked at the Trainee rank.

View the whole fleet ->

Air Canada Virtual, has chosen a team that dedicate their spare time to make ACVA a wonderful place for all. Our Staff & Admins have experience in the Virtual Airline field of profession. Click to see their names below.

President, @The_Geniusman Genius works as an overall manager for the VA. Working closely with the Deputy President and the rest of the team to ensure a smooth working VA for all Pilots.
Deputy President, @Xpira Carson works as a point of contact for pilots looking for answers from the SLT. The Deputy President also acts as our codeshare manager, dealing with all enquires about them. This in coordination with our Flight and Events Mangers.
Events Manager, @NBSYT NBSYT works as our Events Manager, providing quality for both the public and exclusive events for members of Air Canada Virtual. These can range from small Flash Flights to huge scale fly-in/fly-out events. From time to time, Events may feature a codeshare partner in a “joint” event.
Flight Manager, @Flips_Fisch Felix works as our Flight Manager, providing Air Canada Virtual pilots with the service to log their flights and provide up-to-date routes courtesy of 3rd-party sites.
HR Manager, Vacant We’re hiring! Head over to our website to learn more about this amazing opportunity. We are looking for a hard-working individual to join us and provide the best VA experience we can.
Recruitment Manager, @SkyTourist Matt works as our HR Manager, providing pilots with the support they need to continue to strive in the VA. Our HR should be the primary point of contact for all pilots needing assistance in regards to issues with self/others.

Since our opening in 2018, we’ve gone through multiple changes to our application process and selection process. As of now, we require pilots to log a flight every two (2) weeks. Additionally, we have put the following requirements in place as well:

  • Age (13+)
  • IF Grade 3+
  • An Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • An Infinite Flight Community Account
  • Access to the Slack app
  • As proof, we ask for a photo of your Grade table

Upon your first few hours

Welcome to the team! We’re excited to have you. When you initially join, you will receive a few PMs from our staff members. This will include your brand new badge, ACVA 3-digit number, and your Crew Centre login credentials. Please do respond as soon as it’s most convenient for you. Failure to do so within 48 hours will result in termination from ACVA.

Note we do not have any test associated with our VA

Apply Here ->

Looking for Events? We have several that take place throughout the week and weekend!

Within our slack, we host multiple pilot exclusive events, and flash flights. Not only that, but make sure to keep a lookout in #live:events for @NBSYT’s well put together events.

Types Of Events:

Project Hometown - Project Hometown is an event series featuring one (1) or two (2), members hometown airport. This gives all pilots a chance to explore their fellow peers’ hometown, bringing the community together.

Landing Competitions - Do you have great landing skills? Well, look no further than our Landing Competitions! In this event series, we head to one of our many airports within Canada for some nice and relaxing competition. A really great event for those who like bragging. ;)

Out With The Old, In With The New One of our rarer events to usually get released, but in this event series, we welcome a brand new aircraft and/or new livery into the fleet! We depart from the manufacturers’ airfields to one of our hubs in Canada.

We’re very proud to call the following VAs a Partner of Air Canada Virtual. The team of both parties put tremendous amounts of work to complete such a task. ACVA has teamed up with some VAs to further enhance the pilot experience on top of what we already offer. This allows ACVA and other parties to release more routes for pilots to fly. Along with routes, our partnerships also extend our fleet. Our network is quite huge, and we don’t plan on stopping.

American Virtual

American Virtual has always been one of Infinite Flight’s leading VAs With a vast network of mainline and codeshare routes, along with an extensive fleet, we were extremely to partner with them to host joint events and allow for more flying across the globe.

Thread | Website | Instagram

NonStop Virtual

We’ve teamed up with NSV to bring you even more routes, aircraft and events to fly! NSV, based in Germany, offers tons of routes to pick from. This has allowed us to maintain our European presence within Infinite Flight and the Community.

Thread | Website | Instagram

Air Canada Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, Air Canada Rouge, or any other affiliate/partner. Our logos are owned by Air Canada with slight modifications to them.

2020 Air Canada Virtual


Great thread! All the best wishes to you


Wow great job. Has is it after I left as a staff member?


Wooow, looking very good, congratulations!


Glad to be Partners with you Guys 😄🇩🇪🇩🇪,

  • MLT, NSV Codeshare and Partnership Coordinator,

@ThomasThePro @RayWang @Gm2kmike20,

Thank you all for the kind words! Clear skies

Thanks @NonStop-Virtual! Happy to be your partner as well 🤝


I’m applying right now!

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Nice thread, all the best!

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Nice…great job!😁

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I would like to join the virtual airline organization

Hey Justin! Thanks for your interest.

You can head over to our website then fill out the application form. Expect an email in 24-48 hours.

Yours truly,

Website | Apply

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Amazing thread! I wish the best of luck to you all 😁

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I am SO glad to be leading this great VA! Hope to see ACVA prosper for many years to come!

CYVR Event Partnership!


Thanks to @ThomasThePro for meeting up an amazing Fly in & Fly out right out of one of hour 4 hubs! We’re so incredibly proud to be able to fly across our great nation in this event. Signup above using the link.

ACVA Pilots will receive x2 flight time.


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Still got anymore room i would love to join?

Yes! There’s always room for pilots. You can apply here


very nice thread, might join soon

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French Translation

Nous recrutons un nouveau responsable des ressources humaines pour unir nos forces afin de mieux diriger et gérer notre VA. Tout le monde joue un rôle essentiel pour s’assurer qu’Air Canada Virtual continue de voler, et le gestionnaire des ressources humaines ne fait pas exception. Lorsque vous vous lancez dans votre nouveau voyage, vous serez chargé des défis quotidiens au sein de la VA. Vous serez confronté à des questions de pilotes avec des questions, des commentaires ou même des préoccupations. Vous vous occuperez des relations et de l’activité des pilotes dans le but d’améliorer le bonheur général de tous.

  • Gérer l’activité des pilotes;
  • Résoudre les problèmes internes et externes; et
  • Traitez les communications Slack.

Pensez-vous avoir ce qu’il faut?

Appliquer ici ->

We’re hiring for a new Human Recourses Manager to join forces to better lead and manage our VA. Everyone plays a vital role in making sure Air Canada Virtual stays flying, and the HR Manager is no exception. When you embark on your new journey, you’ll be tasked with daily challenges within the VA. You’ll be faced with questions by pilots with questions, comments, or even concerns. You’ll deal with pilot relations and activity all in an effort to improve the overall happiness of all.

  • Manage the activity of Pilots;
  • Resolve internal & external issues; and
  • Deal with Slack communications.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Apply Here ->

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I applied last night… 😁

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Just applied!