Air Canada Virtual Hanukkah Dash @ EDDL - 272100ZDEC16

Happy Hanukkah!
As this being a Dash, we will be flying
Server: Training

Region: Düsseldorf

Airport: EDDL

Aircraft: Air Canada Express Bombardier Q400

Date & Time: December 27th at 2100Z

NOTAM: We will be flying the following flight plan in FORMATION at 230KIAS at 8500ft

Flight Plan

Gate Assignments:
A02: @FLaviation19
A04: @mo_hecht
A09: @Olivier123
A10: @tranquil_skyflyer
A12: @Wattsup_jet
A13: @Puncakes
A15: @Dyorden

You do not need to be part of Air Canada Virtual to participate.


Can I use another AC aircraft if I don’t have a Q400

If you must. Only A319 though.

I don’t have any AC aircraft then so I am out.

What’s the date for this?

December 27th.

@Stmaarten1778 you can you anything relative to Q400 size if you must.

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Ok thanks for the info

Is crj700 ok?

It’s not Air Canada though…so obviously not.

But as I said before I don’t have any AC aircraft

AC= Air Canada

I’m fine with the CRJ.

I may be there

I will definetly be there also happy Hanukkah to you too! I love El Al and Air Canada they are best!

Also I am in Eastern standard time so that will be 2:00 PM for me right? Just double checking because if it is 2:00 AM that is too early and I cannot make it.

It is 4PM EST.

Okay thx! Sorry I am bad with Zulu time.

Sounds like, fun im not part of Air Canada VA but ill try to make it. Please sign me up.

Give me a gate.

so we are flying an air Canada Q/400 in Amsterdam? Cool! even though i like realism, ill let it slip because Air Canada is awsome, would’ve liked to come, but after i achieved expert, i never want to fly on TS, again.