Air Canada Virtual Exploring The North - @ CYEG - 111700ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Canada

Airport: CYEG

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: *Spawn in a few minutes early to copy FPL

This event will be taking place on Sunday 11th February and we will be flying from CYEG - CYZF in the Dash 8 q-400 Air Canada Livery. Why not come along and enjoy the beutiful scenic views from a birds eye view from one of our stunning aircraft. Get a feel of what it is like to be in Air Canada Virtual.

Flight Details:
Climb Speed 240 Knots
Descent Speed at your own discretion
VS 2500
Cruise 300 Knots


Air Canada Virtual Pilots

Remote Apron 91: @KyleLemon8
Remote Apron 93: @
Remote Apron 95:
Remote Apron 97:
Remote Apron 99:
Remote Apron 101:
Remote Apron 103:
Remote Apron 105:


Gate 70:
Gate 72:
Gate 74:
Gate 76:
Gate 78:
Gate 80:
Gate 82:
Gate 84:
Gate 86:
Gate 88:

More gates will be added if needed.
Comment below for a gate!


We need:
Happy flying with Air Canada Virtual!


I believe @Trio could set up up with a session. I am not sure. Best of luck on the event, wish I could participate!

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I can find someone for both CYEG and CYZF T&G. :)

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I do have a fee though, so get out your wallet. Jk

Haha good one. Ill pass haha

The max altitude for the Dash 8 is FL250

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Ok thanks for letting me know

may be able to come. not sure yet and i will tell you closer to the date. i am Air Canada 124 (altitude25k)

As I am staff I’ll end up flying in a jet of some sorts taking pictures so I’ll spawn on the other side of the airport!

Why not visit CYFB - Iqaluit in Nunavut?