Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Out With The Old In With The New @ KBFI - 081700ZAUG18

OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW a two part series where we help deliver Air Canada’s NEW aircraft!

Flight Details:

Server - Expert [Expert]

Aircraft - 787-9 [789]
- Livery - Air Canada

Departure Airport - Boeing Feild King Co Intl’ [KBFI]

Flight Time - [3h 45m]

Arrival Airport - Toronto Lester B Pearsons Intl’ [CYYZ]

Date - Wednesday - August 8th, 2018 [08/08/18]

Departure Time -
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Zulu Time 1700z

Time Conversons

PDT - 1000
EDT - 1300


  • Please Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before are scedualed departure time

  • Runway for departure is expected to be 13L and runway for arrival into YYZ is expected to be 05. (May change due to weather condition at time of event.)

  • Make sure you have enough fuel for the flight. [71877 lbs should be enough]

*Listen to all instructions by ATC or another ACVA pilot to ensure this event runs smoothly.

  • After you land stick around for some NIFTY photos!

Flight Plan


Cruising Speed - 249 knots [M 0.85]

Cruising Altitude - 39,000ft


You do not need to be in ACVA to partake on this event

Gate C1 @Sebastian9915
Gate C2 @WaldoYLP
Gate C3 @IanD
Gate C4 Empty
Gate NE1 Empty
Gate NE2 Empty
Gate NE3 Empty
Gate E1 Empty
Gate E2 Empty
Gate B9 Empty
Gate B7 @Mohamed1

[More Gates Availible]

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Air Canada Virtual Offical

Air Canada Virtual Website:
Air Canada Virtual’s Website

Air Canada Virtual Instagram:
Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Instagram

Air Canada Virtual Airline is not responsible for any violations received during the event.


Meh, Wanted to join in. But I’m leaving to the rockies on the 7th and not sure when coming back on 8th, like the time it self. Lovely event and would love to participate, and sadly cannot.

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Put me down for atc at KBFI. Thanks!

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Sign me up gate B7mohamed01 air india01 super

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I’m down sign me up

I’m in for gate C2, ACVA122

Gate C2, callsign ACVA256

Oh it is expert. RIP

You can still fly though.

I do not have enough time to fly :(

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