Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Official Thread

So glad to be a part of the staff team at such an amazing VA! Hope to see everyone at some of my events :)


Do you know what’s awesome about ACVA besides its amazing thread, pilots, and staff? They’re partners with us! Connecting China to Canada is now a breeze with codeshares with Air Canada Virtual!

Thank you for being a great partner!



ACVA is one of the best VAs out there the staff are so nice and welcoming!


Hi there, I may have sent 3 applications, somehow they duplicated. My third one is my latest one. Please ignore the first two.

Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll go off that one :)


Looking forward to joining! Just a reminder that my latest application is my official one.


I’m still waiting for my Reply to join this wonderful Canadian fleet!!

👋 Hey Bud @Pajd02 ! Trying to join this VA
How’s it been? Nice to see you here.

Yeah ! @JulietTango Your Here Too!! Excellent

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ACVA is a great VA! Can’t wait for you to join 😉

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It’s been good! Glad to see you joining’

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Awesome thread, applied and waiting on response!

Hope you accept me !

I might have to apply 👀